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ATTN ISPs: Enable Access to Internet Recharge page ALWAYS

This is one problem most pre-paid customers face: To recharge their pre-paid Internet (2g/3G) account once it is exhausted (when the bandwidth quota or the time period lapses), customers have to find another Internet connection to do a recharge. Otherwise, they have to go and do the recharge from a shop.


Why can’t the ISPs provide always-on access to their recharge page alone, even after the customer’s plan is exhausted?

This is a no-brainer if the ISP wants the customer to recharge and continue with their Internet access service. But none of the ISPs do. Is it so difficult?

Because of this, we are forced to have to have a backup Internet plan. What if, we are impressed with the backup, and shift to that service for our primary Internet requirements? It happened with me, and can happen with others too.

Forget net neutrality and free access to FB/WhatsApp, etc. My humble request to ISPs: Please provide Internet access to your recharge page alone (at least) so that pre-paid customers can access that even if their balance is zero. They only access it to put some money there no?

Help the customer to buy your pre-paid service. Please!!!

And while we are on the topic of Mobile 3g Internet, kindly give more bandwidth plan options. We may take 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11 or 12 GB based on the requirement for THAT MONTH. Don’t give options like 1,3,8, or 12 and numerous sub-1GB plans!!

Destination Infinity

PS: It’s strange that someone has to write a blog post about this.

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