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**Pasanga – 2** A Counselling Session for Parents (Movie Review)

Pasanga – 2 is not a movie. It’s a 2-hour counselling session for parents disguised as a movie. I can’t believe the same director who made the brilliant Pasanga movie earlier, made this one! There is no story whatsoever. 

There are two kids who are hyper-active, create mischief, don’t study well, and get thrown out of all schools they get admitted to. Imagine how much potential there was to show the mischief of these two kids in a humorous way. Except the scene where the plastic cover filled with water falls on the flat secretary, nothing else was interesting enough. Some scenes were mildly humorous, though.

From the scene where Surya enters the movie, the movie becomes an elongated counselling session for parents. Aamir Khan might want to remake this movie in Hindi because he will surely be impressed with the subject of this movie. And Surya’s role.

Will you go to a movie hall expecting to be bombarded with ADVISE?

That said, the issues raised in this movie were important and pertinent ones that every parent would relate to. But the concepts were handled more like a non-fiction Neeya-Naana TV show, than a movie with a story and a subtle message. Imagine a debate show where only one side gets to talk. Obviously that side will win. Now how will that be interesting?

The fake emotions of the kid when she tells her own story in the climax Talentina reality show, where she is supposed to show her story-telling prowess, is the peak of absurdity. The story she told earlier while getting admitted to a school was much better. But I must add I have heard a similar story elsewhere.

I hope the makers will make a Pasanga – 3 and do it better than the original Pasanga. I am sure they can do it. But this movie is a bore.

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