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If you are an Indie author like me, you’d know that writing and publishing an eBook is only half the work. Creating publicity for your eBook and reaching it to a sizable audience, especially when the book/author is new, is critical for its success.

Publishing platforms like Amazon Kindle Desktop Publishing (KDP) allows you to give away your book for free for five days for every three months, if you are enrolled in their Kindle Select program. Ideally, you’d want to get maximum downloads within those five days so that a few people will actually read your book and recommend it to others.

Even if you make your book free, they don’t get magically downloaded. I’ve been there, done that. At best, a few people will download your book and even fewer will read it. So it is important to invest a small amount of money to get the word out to a large group of interested readers.

You can go around announcing in forums, social media, and every other place where you anticipate readers might be, but you’ll still be able to convince only a small number people to download your eBook. Besides, that takes a lot of time and makes you look like a spammer.

Recently, I decided to use the services of Books Butterfly. While there are many eBook publicity services in the market, no one gives you a guarantee. This site not only gives a guarantee for the minimum no. of downloads, but if they don’t make your book achieve the committed number, they even offer to return the (balance) money on a prorated basis.

They provide this service for free eBooks, deeply discounted eBooks, and boxed sets. In case of discounted eBooks, they commit a minimum no. of sales with the same prorated return of money guarantee. Of course, these services are subject to your book qualifying for their terms & conditions.

I made my eBook free for a couple of days and listed it with them. In spite of having no reviews, the book was downloaded by many people. The number certainly exceeded my expectations. If your book has a few good reviews, I am sure it can do much better. I think it is important to give that small nudge in the beginning so that the book will gain sales momentum on the long run. Also you can get a few reviews from actual readers.

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