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Bangalore Natkal (பெங்களூர் நாட்கள்) Movie Review

Bangalore Natkal (பெங்களூர் நாட்கள்) is the Tamil remake of Malayalam Super Hit movie Bangalore Days. It stars Arya, Bobby Simha, Sri Divya, Rana Daggubati, Parvathi, Laxmi Rai and Samantha. The movie is directed by Bhaskar. 

Movie Review: The first half is comedy, which is OK. But the second half surprised me with the emotional intensity. This movie offers an interesting emotional journey – don’t miss.

The first half, leading up to the actual conflict in the second half, is OK with some humor and light screenplay. But it’s during the second half that the theme of the story plays out in a dramatic fashion. I should say the movie makers have handled this part quite well.

Most of us accept that relationships are complex. That too in these modern days. This movie shows that complexity and the emotional struggles people go through, in a (somewhat) believable storyline. Youngsters might be able to better relate to this story, than other stories where hero fights an entire town to eliminate a corrupt politician, and their likes.

This movie does a relatively good job at exposing characters and their motivations, but I feel there is more scope for realism in Indian cinema. I mean, why do the lead characters not do anything considered ‘bad’ when in reality there are no characters that are 100% ‘good’? All of us are made up of multiple levels of goodness and badness and directors/script writers should be bolder in character portrayal, I feel.

There were probably too many songs, especially during the first half. But during the second half, even the songs blend into the emotional rhythm of the situation and amplify the effect. There was a brief period in the second half when I felt the movie was dragging, but it was not long enough to complain. But the movie could have been shorter.

Altogether, this movie offers a good emotional journey. Don’t miss 🙂

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PS: If you take your bike to this movie, be careful while coming back. You’ll be inspired to race on the city roads, and like me, if you are not used to rash driving, you might expose yourself to ‘incidents’! I just missed a couple of them – but the ride back was thrilling nevertheless 🙂


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