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A Good Book Trailer: The Sialkot Saga (Ashwin Sanghi)

What a nice book trailer made by Westland books! This trailer is for Ashwin Sanghi’s next book – The Sialkot Saga. I liked Ashwin Sanghi’s previous book – The Krishna Key, but didn’t form such a good impression about the book he co-authored after that with James Patterson. 

I like the amount of research this author puts into each of his novels. The historical info he managed to garner in The Krishna Key made me think how much of all that is true! Frankly, I liked the research more than the story in that book, although the story in the first half of that book was indeed suspenseful and thrilling. The amount of research that went into Chanakya’s Chant was also impressive.

That’s why I am looking forward to Ashwin Sanghi’s next book. BTW, this author has also written a non-fiction book, which was also good!

Here is where you can find more information and a preview/excerpt of Ashwin Sanghi’s The Sialkot Saga book, releasing in April 2016. And don’t forget to see the book trailer embedded above – it’s been nicely done. Almost comparable to the excellent trailer for Skion of Ishkvasu, released earlier 🙂

I think Westland books should make films. If not, at least short films. What say guys? 😉

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