Adventure Games Theme Park in Chennai: Wild Tribe Ranch, ECR

Adventure Sports in Chennai - Wild Tribe Ranch 1

Today, as a part of the activities organized by Chennai Bloggers Club, we went to the adventure games/sports theme park of Chennai – The Wild Tribe Ranch @ ECR, near Crocodile Park. Actually, this park — which previously functioned in Ponneri — will be opened to public only from tomorrow. However, bloggers and media persons were given a sneak peak into some of the adventure sports and games available there today. I don’t remember the names of individual rides – you’ll have to refer to the above linked theme park website for that.Β 

Adventure Sports in Chennai - Wild Tribe Ranch, ECR

One of the partners of this adventure theme park gave a talk on how they started the adventure park initially on a small piece of land, how they gradually increased the rides, their decision to move from Ponneri to ECR – the entertainment highway of Chennai, for a higher footfall, etc. We were then requested to experience a few adventure rides. The first pic and the below one are of the same mammoth ride with multiple levels of hurdles to cross.

Adventure games theme park in Chennai - Wild Tribe Ranch, ECR

Adventure games theme park in Chennai - Wild Tribe Ranch, ECR

In this ride, as you can see in the above pic, you can jump up and down supported by ropes. There is a ‘reverse’ bungee jumping ride also, nearby.

Adventure games theme park in Chennai - Wild Tribe Ranch, ECR

In this ride, six people sit and the ‘vehicle’ keeps rotating in multiple angles for 1.5 minutes.

ATV Ride @ Wild Tribe Ranch, ECR, Chennai

This ATV ride should’ve been good fun, but somehow I missed riding this one too!

Swimming pool @ adventure sports theme park, ECR, Chennai

At last, my kinda soft relaxing adventure sport – a small swimming pool. No one went into it today, so I didn’t too πŸ™‚

adventure sports and games in chennai

It seems. you need to get into this bubble (sorta wrap it around you), walk around the field, and kick the football in between the small goal posts. It’s obviously a team game but remember – you or others can easily knock each other down!

performing gallery at wild tribe ranch, ECR, Chennai

gallery for performing, dance, music at Wild Tribe Ranch, ECR, Chennai

As you can see in the above two pics, there is a gallery with a stage in front of it with music, light and sound where you can perform or listen/dance to the live music.

paint ball game @ wild tribe ranch, ECR, chennai

This is the Paint Ball game I was talking about in my previous post on Mango Mist Resorts, Bangalore. So Paint Ball is available in Chennai as well, folks! No, I didn’t play this as I was too tired by the time we came here. The reason for my tiredness was playing ‘net cricket’ where I bowled a few off- and leg-spinners to a fellow blogger-batsman Somu. I was glad to meet many of my blog buddies in this venue today πŸ™‚

So if you are looking for an adventure games/sports theme park in Chennai, The Wild Tribe Ranch may be the destination πŸ™‚

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