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Movie Review: Batman v Superman – Hollywood makes a Bahubali!!

Movie Trailer: Batman v Superman (Dawn of Justice)

Movie Review: 

Batman v Superman: Hollywood makes a Bahubali. And no, that’s not a compliment.

I wish I could say the movie was great, but only the two fights near the end (around 30 minutes) was good. If possible, just see that alone.

I can’t believe the storyline for such a huge project was so shallow. The movie makers seem to value only the stunts. Just imagine: If Vijay + Ajith + Simbhu (Superstars in Tamil movies) were making a movie together, obviously they can afford to ditch the story and the movie will still run based on their star value alone. That’s exactly what’s happened in this movie. Only, it’s Hollywood.

A combination of three superheroes (yes there is one more) of the caliber of batman and superman needs at least one credible and equally strong villain? The monster who comes at the end is the only credible villain. He too gives a fight only for 30 minutes.

This movie definitely needs a Joker. No, Joker twins. A powerful protagonist needs a powerful antagonist for the movie to work. Think about one weak antagonist taking on three superheroes for 1.5 hours! And I don’t even want to talk about those emotions that were breathtakingly fake.

Just for the comparison, Bahubali was better than Superman v Batman. It was also better than Puli. I shouldn’t have criticized Bahubali so much for the lack of story after all – there seem to be worser movies!! 😛

Destination Infinity

PS: Yea, people might like this movie for all those stunts and glitz. But some of us expect a story.

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