India’s First Social Brand (Merci) offers an Alternative to Leather Products

Merci is India’s first social brand that offers an alternative to leather-based products. They make many products (like the ones shown above) that are non-leather and cruelty-free. Did you know that 10,000 animals are slaughtered every five minutes for their skin? So say no to leather.

Merci: Compassion through Fashion. 

Merci’s business model is unique. They are an NGO run by volunteers and they donate 100% of their profits to other NGOs to be redeployed towards social causes. That’s what I’d call a vision!

Consumers don’t have to sacrifice style because they are being socially conscious. In fact, Merci engages artisans from the Kutch to create beautiful Kutch Embroidery on bags, wallets, etc. Since the embroidery is hand-made, each of them is unique and brilliant. This model also provides a support structure for traditional artisans.

You can see the beautiful designs that are possible with Kutch embroidery in a couple of bags in the above photo. Also notice the long black pouch on the left with beautiful flower patters using golden threads? That’s Zardozi metal embroidery art which was once used by Kings and Royals of India. Look at what interesting options you get because you support a social cause!

Frankly, I don’t understand why people buy leather. The Faux leather, micro-fiber, PU and other alternatives to leather come in beautiful colors (did you see the stunning blue bag in the above photo?) that are never possible with leather, they are much cheaper – you can buy newer bags and designs more frequently, there are more varieties, they are easier to maintain, and they reduce cruelty towards animals.

I feel lack of awareness is the main reason why people still buy leather. I’ve stopped buying leather-based products a long time back. I hope readers will also be inspired to do so.

Merci has an exhaustive product profile that includes more than 500 SKUs and 290 designs, already. They offer different varieties of products like handbags, shoulder bags, sling bags, wallets, camera/mobile pouches, etc. Merci products are available in leading retail stores or you can simply order them online from their website. If you prefer shopping from and other major retailers, Merci products are available there also.

Where and how you spend your hard-earned money will determine how much of cruelty towards animals will reduce. Less demand for leather from consumers will translate into lesser cruelty. Do your part to make this world a better and a more inclusive place for all of nature’s creations.

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10 thoughts on “India’s First Social Brand (Merci) offers an Alternative to Leather Products

    1. Wow, good to know your son doesn’t like leather products. I also don’t. Hope you will also consider converting to non-leather products 🙂

      Destination Infinity

  1. I think people have practiced to buy leather products and they believe it is standard and long lasting that other materials. But these are really wonderful and in attractive colors and designs which are not possible with leather that I guess comes in only black and brown. Nice initiative by them built with compassion.

    1. I see most people going for cheaper stuff nowadays and then buying another new thing soon after. Leather is not suited for this changing business model.

      Destination Infinity

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