Actor Vikram’s Video Song on Chennai Floods: Spirit of Chennai

Actor Vikram, along with many cine stars across India, has made a video song on the recent Chennai Floods: Spirit of Chennai. The song is embedded above. Though the visuals are good and the song is nice, I wish it was shorter than 11:00 minutes. This is his message through the song,

“இங்கு மழை பெய்து மனிதம் வளர்ந்திருக்கிறது. ஒரு கார்கில், ஒரு பூகம்பம், ஒரு சுனாமி, ஒரு மழை வெள்ளம் – இதுல எதாவது ஒண்ணு வந்தா தான் நாம ஒண்ணு சேரணுமா?”

That’s why it rains. That’s why there are calamities. That’s why there are challenges in life. Otherwise, there will not be much of a scope for ‘humanity’ to ‘grow’. Don’t you think?

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