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Recently, I volunteered to create a website for my School. Since I am familiar with WordPress, and it is the CMS used by more than 60% of the websites in the world, we decided to go with it.

But since WordPress is basically a blogging platform, we needed a nice theme that not only gave us an option to have a static front page, but we also wanted it to look professional and modern.

We tried a few free themes, but were not satisfied with the results. That is when I came across SKT White Pro. There is a free version of this theme in the theme repository, but it doesn’t have the front-page sections option with animations, which is a major feature. So we decided to go with the paid Pro version of the theme.

What I loved about this theme is, it not only gave a full-page slider on the front page, but also gave user-selectable sections below it. I could decide which section holds which type of content. I could hide certain sections if I didn’t want to. I could duplicate certain sections or I could even insert a third-party plugin to create a new type of section.

Do you want to know what’s the best part about this theme? The animation effect. That’s right. You’ll find sections, or elements of certain sections, jumping out at you as you scroll down. It creates a cool effect for visitors and makes the site look modern!

Of course, you can create any number of pages you want. And you can create any number of posts you want. However, posts are not displayed on the front page unlike a traditional blog. It can be displayed within one of the sections, if you wish. So the website basically looks like a traditional website with a frequently updated blog section.

While designing the site, we decided we wanted to have the main menu above the large slider on the front page. So we contacted the theme creator for making this change, who did it for us in a couple of days. The support provided by the theme creator is good. If you want, you can also buy other recently released themes from SKT Themes which come with the main menu on the top, by default.

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