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Why should Salespeople always Stand in Shops?

I understand why salespeople in shops need to stand while attending to a customer, but why should they keep standing even when there are no customers in the shop?

Try standing in a place for one hour. Can you imagine how difficult it is? How can we expect salespeople to stand/walk for 8 hours everyday?

Think about this: Only if the sales persons are fresh and relaxed, they can give a good experience to the customers. Making them unnecessarily uncomfortable is going to inconvenience the customers, and reduce business for shop owners.

I feel, shops should give a chair (or at least a stool) to all sales people where they can sit until a customer is near them. Once the customer is in their vicinity, they could stand.

Is this simple tip, that will enhance the efficiency, maintain good health, and improve business, so difficult to implement? Why have the insensitive shop owners not implemented this yet?

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  • Devilish Angel

    You can interview shop owners and tell their views also… Even i have found old age customers not provided chairs in garment shops where we need sometime to select clothes…