Adventure Selfies are Dangerous. Don’t try it!

10 Selfie Related Deaths in India:

It’s easy to be under the illusion that adventure selfies are fun, and one can get many likes on facebook, and selfie-related injuries/deaths happen only to other people. But adventure selfies — the act of taking selfies from a dangerous place or even a normal place but in a dangerous position — are more risky than an average teen or 20-something young adult would anticipate.

It’s common to see people getting inspired by movies and other friends, and wanting to take adventure selfies themselves. But for what? A few likes on facebook – that’s all! Are a few likes worth the risk to your life? Also, when you start taking facebook likes too seriously, you get addicted to it, and you start doing crazy things like taking riskier selfies to get even more likes.

It’s important to become aware that this is going to become an addiction and refrain from dangerous selfies. If you are still not convinced, watch the above video.

Destination Infinity

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