My Ideal Yatra: Treehouses & Houseboats of Kerala!

Kerala is blessed with abundant greenery, nice climate, and water everywhere. My ideal yatra would be to go and stay in the famous treehouses and boathouses of Kerala. If you don’t know what a treehouse is, look at the above embedded Youtube video. Of course, they also show a cave house in the end, but that maybe too much 😛

The speciality of a treehouse is, it is generally constructed around a tree at a certain height from the ground. So when you go inside, you might actually find a the main trunk or a few branches going right through the house! The treehouse is mostly made of wood and is generally located in an area that resembles a forest or is a forest. A holiday cannot get greener than this!

Not all tree houses will lift you up in a rope unlike what’s shown in the above video. Most of them have steps to climb up and they have nice interiors to make the stay comfortable. But these steps are also made of natural materials like wood or coir, etc.

Now have a look at a house boat/boat house 🙂

Kerala has many rivers flowing through most of the state. It seems they already had a good network of riverine boats for transporting people and goods. But of late, with road and air transport becoming more popular, demand for aqua-transport has lessened.

Unlike others, they did not abandon their old transportation system. They realized the boats could become good tourist attractions, especially if they could be converted into houses/lodges and the tourists be allowed to stay in them. These are called boat houses/house boats and are very popular with Indian and foreign tourists.

Have a look at the above video to get an idea of what the insides of a house boat might look like, and also to get a feel of the experience. House boats will also come with drivers and cooks. An entire house boat can be hired or accommodation could be shared, based on the budget. Some house boats even have air conditioning!

OK. Now coming to my probable itinerary. I would prefer to go on a tour to treehouse in Munnar and boat house in Aleppy for 4 days/3 nights. So I’ll book a Domestic Airlines on Yatra from Chennai to Kochi after checking the Flight Schedule. I’ve heard that sometimes there are great deals on flight tickets in Yatra, especially if you plan your journey in advance. Right now there is an offer of Rs. 1200 off on domestic flights if ticket is booked through HDFC cards. Wohooo 🙂

Once I land in Kochi, I will take a cab to Munnar and will stay in a treehouse there for a two nights & three days. I will rest inside for sometime, but will also want to see around Munnar, perhaps even hire a guide to show me the tourist places and explain the significance of each. After that, I will hire a cab and go to Aleppy and will check into a houseboat, for a day and a night. Then I will return to Kochi in a cab and will take a flight back to Chennai.

So there you go – my dream trip 🙂

Destination Infinity

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