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Tree House @ Munnar, Kerala: Our Experience

A couple of months ago, we wanted to go to a themed tour, preferably somewhere near. After some research, we decided on Tree House & Boat House packaged tour offered by Sree’s Tours & Travels, Kerala.

First, they arranged our stay at a Tree House in Nature Zone Resorts, Munnar, India.Β This post is about our Tree House experience.


This is the Treehouse where we stayed. The resort was a few K.M. away from Munnar and we had to travel in their jeep for about 30 minutes on ‘rough’ roads, to reach there.

We were not sure what to expect in a ‘treehouse’ as our research showed few treehouses inside jungles on which one had to climb using a ladder or rope. Fortunately, these tree houses had wooden steps or pathways. However, this pathway was slippery during rains.Β tree-house-at-munnar-kerala-india-4

This is how the treehouse looks from below. Don’t you think it’s a challenging construction, with just ropes and wood? No wonder they charge good money for staying in this – they need to maintain it also! Packaged tour operators may offer you better rates than booking directly – that’s what happened with us. Be sure to check both options.


This was one of our neighboring treehouses. The treehouses have electric connections – so they come with lights, water heater, mosquito repellent, tea kettle, etc. There is no fan inside – it it not required because of the extreme cold temperature of the hills of Munnar. One air heater might have been useful, at least for me – as I cannot stand too much of cold!


The net over the bed has been arranged nicely, don’t you think? The net is required because insects are frequent guests, perhaps due to the location. One stick insect that came in was as long as a long-ruler! There are abundant birds around the area and they keep chirping. The room service was good – we got our tea/milk refills even when it was raining.


The view from the balcony was excellent. I am not showing it here because it’s similar to the last photo shown below. I guess since treehouses need to built around a tree, the trunk passes right through the room. Here is a photo of the trunk from inside the room –


Overall, we were happy with our stay in Nature Zone treehouse. Their food, service and campfire were great. They had some activities and games, but because of constant rains we were not able to explore those.


This pathway from our room to the reception/restaurant will always be memorable to us, especially during the nights. Sometimes, during light rain, and we had to walk carefully to avoid slipping/falling! Also, the insects were making a lot of noise along the route and we were nervous about an insect attack! We loved the mystery element added by this long sloping pathway πŸ™‚

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