My Autobiography: My College Friend

Me and my college batchmate!

College friendships are always special. We can easily remember our college friends over a long time, without much of an effort. The above photo was taken 4-5 months back, but our friendship goes back to seventeen long years – all the way back to 1999 when I joined college.

This friend, Prasad, sat one bench behind me almost throughout the four years we studied Engineering. There was one more factor that quickly brought us close – along with another friend called Praveen, the three of us were batchmates during most of the Practical classes in those *wretched* electronics labs.

This guy – Prasad (now working as a scientist in Finland) was the nerd among the three of us. That meant he used to complete the lab sessions, he used to write the observation notes, and he used to write the record books. The remaining two of us will just copy from him! It’s important that every batch has one nerd, I tell you 🙂

Frankly, I was also a nerd until my Xth Standard. After that, somehow, I lost my touch and became an average academician, if I can use that word 😛 Prasad was also not a topper, but he knew what he was studying and what he was doing in the lab.

He had a good practical knowledge of the subject and he was generous about sharing his knowledge and notes. There are a very few people who teach others what they know. Prasad was one such guy whom anyone could approach even if they were not his close friend.

There was another common thread between us – similarities in our tastes in music. Prasad introduced me to some wonderful songs and he has a great taste in music. In fact, I still listen to a few songs that were referred by him all those years back!

He had a computer back then and I had only a Music CD Player. That meant I went to his house for recording most of my Music CDs. I still remember a few (musical) discussions we had during those days. Even now, when I listen to a few songs introduced to me by him, I can visualize our discussion on a particular song all those years back!

His father was an electronics engineer too, and I remember how I tensed both of them by asking silly and stupid questions about basic electronic concepts that I never managed to grasp. My friend used to plead with me not to talk about technical concepts when his father was around, but I wouldn’t listen. I used to continue, mostly to embarrass him 😛

Once, when our fourth semester was going on, our third semester results had been announced. Since Prasad had a computer with Internet, he checked all our results. I approached him nervously and just raised an eyebrow. He nodded in affirmation.

That meant ALL SUBJECTS CLEARED. I still remember the celebration that followed 🙂

I am glad that I am in touch with a few good friends even now, and that includes him also. I hope our friendship will continue in spite of the boundaries that separate us now 🙂

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Destination Infinity

Do share any college friend tales you might have, in the comments section.

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10 thoughts on “My Autobiography: My College Friend

  1. Getting good friends is not easy and Prasad really sounds best! Happy friendship
    I haven’t finished schooling completely, but I had a wonderful friend in school called Udhyan. He used to support me lot and I would move around holding his shoulder, but after schooling we lost touch.

  2. It is actually very difficult to stay in touch with friends once everyone is married and have their own family. Thanks to whatsapp and fb, it has become easier. But I still think it was lucky to complete my education before the whatsapp and other stuff came into picture, because I would have been an addict! I would have flunked all my exams! 😛 (I used to spend hours of my time on whatsapp even when I started working!)

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