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Challenge: Selfie @ Taj Mahal and Back in 24 Hours

This week, we took an adventure-challenge: To go to Agra – Taj Mahal, take a Selfie, and come back to Chennai. All within 24 hours.

How? Catch a Flight to Delhi, Take a Train to Agra, Visit the Taj Mahal, Take a Train back to Delhi & Catch a Flight back to Chennai.

Our flight took off from Chennai to Delhi at 4 A.M. on Monday morning and we landed in Chennai at 6 A.M. on Tuesday morning. If you don’t consider our waiting time at the Chennai airport on the first day, we almost achieved our goal! 🙂

Here are some pics we took at the World Wonder – Taj Mahal 🙂

tajmahal-agra-india-1-r tajmahal-agra-india-2-r tajmahal-agra-india-3-r tajmahal-agra-india-4-r tajmahal-agra-india-5-r tajmahal-agra-india-6-r tajmahal-agra-india-7-r tajmahal-agra-india-8-r tajmahal-agra-india-9-r tajmahal-agra-india-10-r

And here is a short video of the Majestic Taj that I took –

And with that, a dream trip comes to a successful end 🙂

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