Vegan Gulab Jamun Recipe (Delicious Indian Sweet)

I hope you remember my post on why milk may not be an optimum diet. Consuming milk also contributes to cruelty towards animals. That’s why I feel Going Vegan is a healthy and ethical lifestyle option. (I am not a Vegan myself yet, but I am trying to become one.)

That doesn’t mean we have to sacrifice tasty foods. Today, I bring to you a guest post by Preethi Raghav, a passionate Vegan, who will share the recipe to make tastyΒ vegan gulab jamuns (without using milk). Why not try making this delicious Indian sweet at your home this Deepavali? πŸ™‚


1. Boil sweet potato(2 big) for 2 whistles (shouldn’t get too mushy).

2. Prepare sweet syrup by mixing jaggery(1 cup), powdered green cardamom and water(3cups) until thick. Takes a while for it to thicken, I used less jaggery because we don’t like it too sweet, so used rice flour to thicken. Also, sweet potato already has sweetness, so you don’t want it to be toooo sweet!

3. Mash sweet potatoes, bread slices (2) finely chopped, wheat flour (2tbsp), baking soda (a pinch), ground oats (3 tbsp, can be missed). Mix well to a dough consistency. Knead well so it takes in lesser oil and start making tiny balls and keep aside.

4. Heat oil in a frying pan, fry these tiny balls.

5. Soak in sweet syrup overnight and enjoy this delicious cruelty-free vegan gulab jamuns.

Vegan Gulab Jamun (Indian Delicious Sweet) Recipe

Author: Preethi is currently an MSc Nutrition in Practice student at Leeds Beckett University. She is a passionate and ethical vegan. She hopes to explore the relationship between Plant-based diets and overall health.

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PS: Happy Deepavali to all my commenters and non-commenters πŸ™‚

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26 thoughts on “Vegan Gulab Jamun Recipe (Delicious Indian Sweet)

  1. Thanks for the nice recipe. The photo looks yummy. Consuming milk contributes to cruelty towards animals? Surprised to read that. I thought milking a cow is a critical part of taking care of her health.

  2. I can imagine it as aloo bonda in jaggery syrup πŸ˜‚ Quite a different recipe. Thanks Preethi. Will try it someday.And I didn’t realize gulab jamun is a milk based sweet until I read this post. The ready made mix has made it all easy. Happy thala deepavali to both of you!

      1. Regarding the vegan part, I agree far too much especially when I imagine how cows are being milked with machines. If a woman is subjected to it, how agonizing it would be. However, I know I am not yet ready to relinquish cakes and ice creamsπŸ˜‘

        1. There are good replacements for cow’s milk – almond milk, soya milk, peanut milk, etc. So we can continue to eat cakes and ice creams even after going vegan πŸ™‚

          Destination Infinity

  3. Mom also made gulab jamuns this deepavali, but not without milk πŸ™‚

    This must be something different in taste. I can’t accept consuming milk is cruelty towards animals…

    Btw. wishing you once again Happy Thala Deepavali

  4. Happy Deepawali to you and Aishwarya! This sounds good. I came across a strict vegan, a couple of weeks back and she was explaining how cows are injected hormones to give more milk and these hormones enter our bodies too which are harmful.. she gave more points to become vegan. But for us living without curd is difficult! She said that peanut curd is just like our normal curd.

    1. Thanks, Maami. Sudden transformation to a vegan lifestyle may not be recommended. Probably we can first reduce milk consumption and eventually replace it alternatives.

      Destination Infinity

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