Why do ‘Modern’ Hospitals have ‘Centralized’ AC?

I understand that with modernity creeping its head everywhere, people expect more comfort nowadays at every available opportunity. But don’t you think having centralized Air Conditioning in hospitals is actually taking it too far?

I mean, I am OK with having centralized AC at hotels, theaters, malls, and even schools. But in ‘modern’ hospitals, where people come because they are sick (often with fever, flu, cold and other such ailments that are averse to anything cold), do we really need an AC?

These hospitals, irrespective of whether the doctors are free or not, make patients wait for 1-3 hours on average – even with prior appointment. If you’ve ever been to one of these hospitals, you’ll realize that after one or two hours, that AC can get really COLD. They don’t even regulate the temperature of the AC!

Frankly, we don’t go to certain movie theaters because they don’t regulate ACs and it gets too cold. That is during normal times. But having centralized ACs at hospitals and not regulating the temperature – don’t you think this is too much? Why can’t the ACs be restricted to ‘deluxe’ rooms where patients want it?

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  • Amruta Bhave

    Actually, the actual purpose of having centralized AC isn’t keeping the temperature low, but keeping the climate controlled. It doesn’t matter whether they set the temperature at 30 C, 20 C, or 25 C.
    Also, centralized AC has a huge advantage over split/window ACs in terms of hygiene and ease of operability.
    Last but not the least, these ACs are meant to properly circulate air inside the building so even if windows are closed, the air doesn’t get stuffy.
    The problem is people don’t know how to operate them properly. I completely agree that it is ridiculous to keep a patient or a visitor shivering. It’s just one of those “modern” facilities that we use, but don’t really know how to.

    • Rajesh K

      Had they maintained it at 30 C, I wouldn’t have complained. Anyway, thanks for the pointers on centralized ACs 🙂

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  • Sujatha

    Oh that’s something even I have noticed but never really gave a thought. You have articulated many people’s question here in the post.

    • Rajesh K

      Only, in shopping malls, we have an option to look around and not buy anything. And yes, we are perfectly alright while visiting malls 🙂

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