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Why are ppl upset with Kaatru Veliyidai movie?

My guess as to why (some) people may be upset with Mani Rathnam’s latest Tamil movie Kaatru Veliyidai –

Men are upset because the lead character is shown to be chauvinistic. Since people tend to idealize the hero, they are unable to accept imperfection. Besides, since men are chauvinistic in general (degree might differ) they get angry when their own (undesirable) trait is highlighted.

Women are upset because they are unable to associate one among them (heroine) falling head over heels for a chauvinistic man in spite of knowing about his chauvinism. They feel that no woman should do such an illogical thing.

Movie review: The story is weak and slow-moving. Karthi’s characterization is inappropriate and sometimes not believable. There is not much of a role for capable supporting actors.

Aditi’s acting is very good and so is the scene setting, camera, and other technical aspects. ARR’s BG music is good, but songs (save one) are not that impressive.  Emotions work in some scenes. The prison escape sequences are good.

Kaatru Veliyidai is watchable once – in theater. But don’t expect to see a Mani Rathnam movie – you’ll be disappointed. Think that some new director has made such an unconventional movie – you’ll feel much better while coming out.

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  • SG

    Thanks for the warning.

    I can speak, read, and write Tamil very well. I always speak Tamil at home. I have no idea what “veliyidai” means. I know what “mellidai” (slim hip of a female) means. Is this something describing a beautiful female hip?

  • Sandhya Kumar

    Hmmm….crap. Adhiti, as you said has done well. Photography is good. Mani is confused about how to go further with Karthi’s role. Just until last month, I was watching a beautiful, very well made serial, ‘P.O.W. bandi yudh ke’ , hindi serial where 3 soldiers were caught as Prisoners of war during Kargil by Pakistani troops. They were tortured there and the way they showed it ….I shudder even now thinking about it. The impact is still there in my mind. So, this movie was kuppe from the beginning for me. Pakistanis are ‘torturing’ the hero as if he is a child:)

    No, I think I must stop watching Manirathnam movies for the sake of his ‘direction’. I was upset like this with ‘Kadal’ too. I didn’t understand the language at all….fishermen’s language. It was too original for us to follow!

    OK Kanmani was alright. But the old touch is not there.

  • Jeevan

    Totally with you on the movie! It seems people aren’t ready to accept negative lead characters and different script. I admired Aditi’s performance… but the screening of this movie in drive-in was worst and I was disappointed with the show. This was 2nd time experiencing such bad screening and I really wonder what happened to my fav theatre

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