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Our Vishakapatnam Trip

If you didn’t already know, Vishakapatnam (or Vizag in short) is the third cleanest city in India as per Swachh Bharat rankings for 2017. Chennai is ranked at 235, fyi.

We went to Vizag recently to attend the marriage of our cousin and I have put up a few pics from that trip in the above photo slideshow. In this post, I’ll recollect some highlights from our tour.

Since the marriage was in a hotel near Vizag beach, we went to the Submarine Museum on the beach first. This was a functioning submarine which has been decommissioned, brought to the shore and converted into a museum so that people can go and see inside an actual submarine.

Walking through a submarine is a cool experience. Especially since guides were available to give information and answer our questions. They have also installed some human-like-models and information boards everywhere. This is a must-visit place in Vizag. I just wish the submarine was underwater and we could travel in it 😉

We then went to Visakha Museum, also on the beach road. This is a neatly constructed and maintained museum that showcases arts, history, culture and traditions of this region. There are three museums inside the premises and it’s a worthwhile place to visit.

Another must-see location is Vizag Kailasagiri Park located on a small hill inside the city. You can drive up or you can go in the rope car. The distance covered on the rope car is short so take your pics fast.

Apart from the large Shiva Parvati statue, there seem to be many more activities like kids’ play area, battery train, 3D movie, etc. but we didn’t have much time to see all. There is a nice city/beach view from the top of the hill.

Next, we went to Varaha Lakshmi Narasimha Temple – Simhachalam, close to the city. This is one of the popular Temples around this place. They don’t allow mobile phones inside the Temple – these have to be deposited at the counter.

The next day morning, we went to the Matsya Darshini Aquarium which is enclosed within a fish-shaped structure, also near the beach. This aquarium has a few rare fishes but it’s quite small and not that well illuminated/ maintained. There are some nice handicraft stores nearby.

Opposite this aquarium, there is an entrance through which people can walk to the sand and access the beach. At most other points across the Vizag beach, there are stones and access to the shore is blocked. Here, however, one can easily go in and wet their legs. We took one photograph with a large gorilla there. There are other statues like the dinosaur, etc. and there are small parks, all across the Vizag beach. So take some time and explore the beach line 🙂

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  • SG

    Thanks for your wonderful info on Vishakapatnam. We always wanted to visit there. Not yet. Someday soon. I am glad you and your bride had a great time.

    Submarine ride? You both should take a submarine ride for real. We took one on our visit to Hawaii. When the captain announced “we are 2000 feet under water”, some electric thrill went through my body. I even wrote a blog about it. Hope you remember.

  • Sandhya Kumar

    My husband had visited the submarine place and was talking a lot about it. We did it in San Francisco. No guide was there though. We saw the bunkers, dining room etc. Wondering how the Americans who are huge people, slept in such small places.

    Happy to know that you two enjoyed! Roam as much as possible now!

    • Rajesh K

      Yes, the space inside the submarine is limited. In fact, there is a small circular opening between one section and another through which ppl have to crawl! Fortunately these were replaced by proper doorways in this one.

      Destination Infinity

  • Jeevan

    Should be a new experience visiting a submarine… once there was a talk that a submarine museum alike Vizag is coming up in Mamallapuram but don’t know what happened to the project. Looking forward to see more photos and detail about your travel and visits… the overlooking from the hill is wonderful and I could see you both enjoyed well 🙂

    • Rajesh K

      I think a submarine museum is scheduled at Mahabs – will take some time to get ready. It seems it took 2 years for them to move the submarine from the water to the beach in Vizag!

      Destination Infinity

  • Sujatha

    Chennai 235 !!!

    You have nicely combined a family wedding with a city tour. This must be your first time to Vizag. We haven’t been to Vizag, so it was nice to see the details.