How can Alumni help their Schools/Colleges?

I am involved with the alumni association of our school and we are exploring how to meaningfully connect/help our institution so that students/teachers can benefit from the alumni network, and alumni can help each other.

Among various points discussed, here are some activities which I thought would be useful. Please add your suggestions in the comment box below.

  • Career counseling & Guidance on selecting college courses could be done for students to guide them on the existing scenario in colleges/job market, entrepreneurship.
  • Sports, Teachers day/Children’s day Competitions could be conducted for students & alumni.
  • Sapling plantation, Donations to orphanages, Cleaning of beaches and other such activities could be organized to inculcate social consciousness.
  • Culturals, hobby-related competitions could be organized for students on a regular basis.
  • A fund could be created and maintained for the benefit of students & teachers in case of emergencies.
  • Helping needy students to get educational loans at affordable interest rates to pursue higher education.
  • Creation of interest groups like photography, movie making, wildlife, trekking, astronomy, etc. could be organized involving students & alumni so that both can benefit from the activities and learnings.
  • A few events involving the general public (like exhibitions & carnivals) could be organized so that people around the area can see and interact with the school.
  • A book exchange/book rental library could be created with both academic and general books donated by the alumni to benefit students.
  • Discussions & speeches by alumni from various fields & colleges (from both India & abroad) to enable students to get different perspectives.
  • Organizing educational trips/internships for students in companies where alumni maybe working or know someone.
  • Organizing short-term student/faculty exchange programs.
  • Collecting information and guiding students about national/international events, competitions, and other opportunities.
  • Connecting students interested in certain fields with experienced professionals (from the alumni network) in that field.
  • Having active social media outlets like facebook pages, blogs, etc. where student-alumni activities, student & alumni accomplishments can be highlighted.
  • Organizing debates, talks, talent exams to improve the aptitude & soft-skills of students.
  • Organizing mock-parliamentĀ sessions where students could be given the opportunities to speak about issues, areas of improvements not only in the school & their area, but also in the society at large.

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  • Jeevan

    Indeed great networking ideas and working with the schools that uplifted us is a wonderful opportunity and guiding the students on the path one already travel, though things perhaps be different or changed in time will put them ease for certain.

    My wishes for your team work to be success and I believe you have covered almost aspects.

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