Only *Irresponsible* Adults Burst Crackers on Diwali?

SC Bans #Fireworks Sale at #NCR. Actually, IMO, this rule should have been enforced across India.

I can understand the need for children to burst #crackers, but I see many many *#irresponsible* adults bursting crackers with equal enthusiasm just because there is an excuse (#Diwali) and the mob culture is at action in full swing.

It’s common knowledge that crackers pollute our environment directly, all that sound is intolerable to animals/birds, child labor is exploited fully for making crackers, hazardous accidents and health issues result out of it, etc. etc.

But still, we adults cannot do without our share of FUN. Of course, I am also guilty sometimes (mostly due to social pressure), so blame me too and CONTINUE the FUN.

I realize *irresponsible* is a mild word. What I actually wanted to say: Human Insensitiveness, Hypocrisy and Intolerance towards nature and other species is out of its veil, and is on display in its original raw n arrogant form everywhere on a festive day. What a sight!!

Diwali has always been a #festival of #Lights. Not Sound. Definitely not crackers.

Grow up this Diwali.


Destination Infinity

PS: When I published the above as a Facebook status, I got comments like we are anyway polluting the environment through vehicles, factories, power production, etc. Hence, why stop only crackers – why not stop all that too?

My answer is: Look at a sustainable way to do the same things. Vehicles can also run on electric power. Electric power can also be produced through renewables. There are also organic alternatives to chemicals. So why not aspire to shift to a more sustainable lifestyle that doesn’t harm the nature/environment?

Forget doing all these things right away – but is there at least such an aspiration?

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5 thoughts on “Only *Irresponsible* Adults Burst Crackers on Diwali?

  1. There is a scientific reason behind bursting crackers. It is said that the monsoons are the time insects and mosquitoes to breed. Bursting crackers kills all these mosquitoes and insects which is quite a relief for homemakers as cleaning houses just got easier for them.

    If it was bad, our forefathers would not have approved this.

    1. Agree SG, Indian tradition has a lot of science behind it. With environmental factors in mind we can surely limit the consumption of crackers.

      I am not sure why there are no questions about bursting firecrackers during new year celebrations around the world. The media publishes how grand they fireworks were in each of the countries. Is this not a question of environmental concern that needs to be addressed by countries who heavily invest in them every year?

  2. I don’t think all who stopped or won’t burst crackers are conscious about environment, but lack of interest! The only cracker I could bust was sparkler, but I love watching fireworks display and I usually buy some fireworks (noiseless) and like taking photos while it light up.

    Yes, crackers are harm to environment but we can’t drop it all of sudden and it’s a great industry in tamil nadu and supports livelihood of lakhs of people. But an alternate job will sure bring down the crackers and implementing strong regulations will do better reducing the usage.

  3. We burst just for ‘shaastraththukku’:) Sons are grown ups now, so the sound and smoke pollution has reduced!

    I am used to the loud sound of crackers throughout the year, since a burial ground is nearby and dead body procession is preceded by crackers and loud drum sounds.

    Individuals should take effort to reduce bursting of crackers. But our tradition should be followed.

  4. I am guilty of bursting crackers too but mostly for my kid’s sake. We grew up celebrating Deepavali so I don’t want to deny him the fun we had as kids. But maybe it should be done in moderation and in limits, instead of people completing banning it?

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