Temple Atop a Small Hill in Chennai (Veera Anjaneyar, Kelambakkam)

Temple on a small hill near chennai
If you are looking to visit a Temple over a small hill near Chennai, Sri Veera Anjaneyar Swamy Temple – Hanuman Temple with Ramar-Seethai idols, located at Pudhukuppam, close to Pudhukuppam bus stop, off Vandalur-Kelambakkam road (Google Maps link for location) is a good choice.

The above photo was taken at the foot of the hill which contains an arch with a large statue at either side, and a Pillayar (Ganapathy) Temple on the side. People who wish to walk can park their vehicles here and go, which is what we did. But there is another route for cars/bikes to go till the top.

Temple over a mountain near Chennai Temple on a small mountain near chennai
It’s a pleasure to walk up this small mountain as there are a couple of hundred steps to cover (max) – that’s why we even decided to attempt it 😉 Actually we were supposed to leave the footwear at the bottom, but we removed it only after we reached the top as it was summer and quite hot!

Here you can see a partial view of the Temple and the car parking area –

Anjaneyar Temple on a small hill near chennai
Hanuman Temple is on the right and Ramar-Seethai Temple is on the left, in the above photo. We also found a prasadam counter but there was no one to sell it, hence we couldn’t buy the ladoo and kara vadai.

The view from the Top is very good, especially considering that there are many rows of big apartments on one side and lush green natural view on the other. There is even a small pillar like structure and we went until the base for a good view of both sides.

Here is a partial representation of what we found –

View from top of small mountain Temple near Chennai top view from a small hill Temple at chennai

I think the best time to visit this Temple is either early in the morning or in the evening. We found many coconuts tied to trees containing paper with wishes – probably devotees have tied them praying that their wishes would come true. Here it is –

coconuts tied to trees with wishes written on them
It’s good to know that there are Temples over small mountains/hills so close to Chennai. This place is a good choice for a casual weekend outing too. It’s close to the main road/bus-stop/shops, and the maintenance is quite neat as well. Do visit the Temple, especially if you happen to travel on the Kelambakkam – Vandaloor main road. It’s closer to OMR-Kelambakkam (6 KM).

This blog post contains some good info about this Temple.

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  • SG

    Thanks for introducing this Hanuman temple Rajesh. You seem to be concentrating on Hanuman temples. HaHaHa. Remember you wrote recently about a Hanuman temple with a female priest!

    • Rajesh K

      We are about to visit one more Hanuman Temple, the one we wanted to visit earlier but ended up visiting another (prev. blog post you mentioned). Actually, my wife likes Hanuman & Perumal Temples, that’s why our preference is more towards Temples containing these deities. I don’t visit Temples much, myself… am more interested in the historical, architectural, and even cultural contributions of Temples…

      Destination Infinity

  • Jeevan

    You captured beautiful photos around the temple. I checked this hill temple in 2015 and we took the road to hilltop and I see nothing much changed on the scene here. But I want to go there again and come around the hills in wheelchair looking for birds, as I could hear birds chipping much by the evening when I was there

    • Rajesh K

      Good to know you have been here… I think this is a good weekend getaway in addition to Temple as there is so much greenery around this area.

      Destination Infinity

    • Rajesh K

      Thanks for bringing it to my notice… I’ve changed the settings on that site to enable comments now. I closed it earlier by mistake…

      Destination Infinity

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