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Google for Tamil 2.0 Blogger/Publisher Meet, Chennai

Google-for-Tamil-2.0 Blogger/Publisher Meet, Chennai
Today I went to the Google for Tamil 2.0 Blogger/Online Publisher meet at Zone by the Park, Chennai. This event was organised by Google & IndiBlogger. I guess more than 100 people came today from various parts of Tamil Nadu.

Google says that the amount of English content on the Internet is around 55% currently, and the amount of content in Indian languages (including Tamil, Hindi, etc.) is less than 0.1%! With the Internet revolution created by Jio, demand for local language content, especially on mobiles, is growing much faster than content in English – it seems.

So they feel there is an opportunity for Tamil publishers, writers, and bloggers who create quality content to find an audience Online, via websites, blogs & mobile apps.

Recently, in February 2018, Google had launched Google Adsense in Tamil. Adsense is Google’s advertising platform which allows individual publishers to sign-up and show ads from Google’s advertising partners. Publishers can earn (per click) when contextual ads on their websites are clicked by readers (mostly from search engines).

The Cost Per Click (what publishers would earn for every click) would differ based on where the reader is from, the topic of the article, advertiser competition for keywords related to you site, etc. On a related note, Google now allows advertisers to advertise in Tamil via Google Adwords.

If you are starting out or have less than 1000 visitors per day for your website, don’t expect much in terms of revenue. The Online Publishing game works well if you are able to scale up your visitors/followers relatively quickly by creating unique & engaging content – preferably in a particular niche. Following up with the latest trends and technology, and implementing them on your websites are also crucial.

I am telling you this because I have seen both highs and lows of the Online Advertising business model, and am a Google Adsense partner for almost 10-years now – for English content. In spite of all that experience, I still learned many things during today’s conference, and will be implementing a few of their suggestions on my blogs shortly.

Once the event slides are sent to me, I will link to the document from here. [Update: The slides are available here] Do go through them if you are a publisher – irrespective of whether you create content in Tamil or any other language, including English. I am sure you’ll learn some important pointers that’ll help you grow your revenue.

I wish Google for English had organised meets like this in Chennai many years back!

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    • Rajesh K

      I feel English language content is getting over-saturated, but there are more English readers. Local language readers are coming online quickly so now maybe a good time to create more content in local languages.

      But however, think how you are going to deal with this situation when the local language content market will also get saturated, eventually. That’s going to be the challenge.

      I suggest you get familiarised with basic principles of business – there are many good books. And treat your blogging like a business. That way, you’ll be aware of what will happen when and can take appropriate steps early.

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