Our First Step Towards Sustainable Living

I have written 46 posts in the Sustainable Living category of this blog. However, I realised I have not done anything concrete to shift towards a more sustainable lifestyle.

So we decided to buy this now 🙂  Solar-Mobile-Charger: Our first step towards sustainable living

Here is our new 21W Solar Charger that can charge a power bank. This power bank can in turn charge mobile devices that can be charged via USB port. Actually, since there are two USB ports, it can charge two power banks simultaneously.

Right now, we just connected a power bank to test whether the solar panel set-up is working. Fortunately it is working and our power bank did show a charging indication. We are yet to test how fast it can charge and for how long – the panels need to be facing the sun and a certain minimum level of sunlight is required for the charging to start.

We’ll have to see how useful it will be in practical daily situations. Our goal, btw, is to charge all our USB-powered mobile devices only through solar. I know that’s impossible, but we just want to take away as many hours of charging as possible from the direct AC power supply.

We bought it directly from Amazon US store as I had a Gift Card in USD – not many solar charger options are available on Amazon.in anyway.

I hope this will inspire us to more towards a more sustainable lifestyle quickly. High time it happened.

Destination Infinity

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6 thoughts on “Our First Step Towards Sustainable Living

  1. This is a very simple, but a very meaningful initiative. As they say, every drop counts. Even small steps matter.
    I am not into anything in the solar power space, though I do my bit to save electricity as and when possible.
    Your post is now prompting me to check out something on the solar power segment.

    1. Yes. We were fed up of keeping the AC mains on for charging one mobile device or the other. It may not draw a lot of current, but we wanted to offload at least this much to solar power. In the future, we are definitely looking to use renewable energy more and more. This small step is an inspiration for me too!

      Destination Infinity

  2. I think you should visit the Buillitt Center in Seattle. Or, at least for now until you visit, please “Wikipedia” Buillitt Center and read. I am sure you will like. Thanks.

    1. I read the Wiki page – it’s very impressive. Harnessing solar + geo-thermal energy is a good idea. Being net-positive energy consumer, that too for a commercial 6-floor building is very impressive. They could have experimented with micro-wind energy too…

      Destination Infinity

  3. A wonderful alternative for electrical charge and wish i could try this in future. I read about this solar mobile changer but first time seeing someone using 🙂

    1. Yes, alternative energy options are a must, especially for a country like India. At least some of us should set the right example by adopting them.

      Destination Infinity

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