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3D Print Yourself or Someone else!

3d print someone for gift
Today we went to the Image Expo photography exhibition at the Chennai Trade Centre. While we found many useful products and services related to photography, one of them stood out.

That was the 3D Printing service launched at this expo by ikix My 3D. They had displayed many 3D printed models at the expo and you can see some of them in the above collage. It seems, if we send our photos, they can 3D print us or someone else on ceramic (I guess). Ain’t that cool?

A 3D printed model of someone will make a great gift, don’t you think? Actually I was aware of a few services that make such models using craftsmen, which we considered as a gifting option for a relative’s wedding. But we decided against it because of the long delivery time and our late planning.

It’s now good to see gifting as an application of 3D printing slowly reach the common man. 3D printing has many more applications, of which industrial and architectural applications are catching up fast.

According to the company’s brochure, you can contact +91-7824878248 or send an email to in case you want to enquire about their services or buy from them.

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