Mobile Phone Camera for Videography?

I’ve been trying to purchase a good video camera that can,

  1. Record up to 4K video
  2. Has slow motion recording (at least 120 fps) and timelapse photo/video recording
  3. Has a 1″ sensor, or a smaller sensor that can take decent video footage in low light
  4. Has a 3.5mm audio connector to connect an external mic
  5. Has good optical zoom (preferably)
  6. Has manual focus in addition to auto focus (preferably)
  7. Has electronic & optical image stabilisation (preferably) – I have a video tripod, but carrying it everywhere may not be practical

I have considered Action Cameras (Gopro 7 announced recently is still a consideration), DSLRs (rejected due to their bulky form factor, lens requirements), Point-and-Shoot/Bridge Camera (Panasonic fz1000 is under consideration), 360 Cameras (waiting for better resolution with good over-capture features), Drone Cameras (operation is too complicated, esp. outdoors), and every other device with a camera attached to it!!!

Recently, I found that (flagship) smart phones can also record very good video. In fact, there have been movies shot with the iPhone!

So, for now, I have decided to buy a mobile phone with 4K Video recording. I have shortlisted One Plus 6 (waiting for One Plus 6T release in Oct before deciding) and Xiaomi Pocophone F1 (If you haven’t heard about this phone yet – Google now, learn, and BUY immediately 🙂 )

I am planning to use the mobile phone camera for the next few months until I buy my main production camera – or until Panasonic, Canon, Sony or Nikon comes out with a decent camera that fulfils all my needs. After that, the mobile will become my backup camera or second angle camera.

What do you think about using a (good) mobile camera for videography/semi-commercial video shooting? I would like to know your opinion.

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