Scenic Drives from Bangalore

Bangalore is a well-connected city, making it a good base for travelling around. From open country to mist-shrouded mountains, there is plenty to see in the surrounding districts. With self drive cars available for rent at affordable prices, a short drive from the city can be planned spontaneously. Here are some easy-to-reach destinations that curious travellers can explore on the next holiday.

Nandi Hills

Located just around 60 kms from Bangalore, Nandi Hills has sprouted up as a popular adventure and leisure hub for city dwellers. Apart from its historical attractions, the winding roads leading to the 1500 metre summit have many other surprises. Bird watchers and nature photographers would love to visit Nandi Hills during the early mornings and catch the sunrise while the forests are their active best. At the foothills, travellers can also explore the nascent wine growing industry of Karnataka, already making its mark. Nandi Hills is a place for adventure sports and outdoor activities – an ideal day trip destination.

Hesaraghatta Grasslands

The Hesaraghatta Lake is the most famous attraction in this region, situated just 33 kms away from the city. The lake is an integral part of Bangalore’s water supply and it has also become a favourite landing ground for many bird species – one can sight Brahminy kites, egrets, kingfishers and various types of herons apart from other feathered residents. Those who love the creative arts can visit Nrityagram, the first gurukul dedicated to Indian Classical dance. The Temple of Dedication here is a highlight of the place.


A 60-km drive from Bangalore, Kanakapura has become a resort town for revellers from the city and those who are looking for a nature-filled recluse. The town is famous for its temples and granite production but the verdant landscapes have added to the allure. There are many favourite riverside spots and gorges, carved by the currents of the Arkavathi and the Cauveri, which attract visitors from all over. The Bilikal Rangaswamy Betta is a hilltop temple that is considered be a vigorous, moderate hike while the Chunchi Falls are best viewed during or just after the monsoons.


Located just off the busy Magadi Road, Savandurga is a geological wonder. The name comes from the remnants of a fort on the summit of this hill, one of the largest monoliths in Asia. Savandurga from a distance juts out like a grey giant out of the surrounding forests and reaches a height of more than 1200 metres. The hike up is strenuous but rewarding, welcoming climbers with amazing views. The drive to Savandurga is also very picturesque, as one leaves behind the development of the city and ventures into a more secluded and fresh countryside. The area is home to many rare species of butterflies and there is a fair amount of wildlife in the jungles that surround the giant hill-rock.

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Bangalore’s outskirts are a celebration of culture and nature – it is time to step out and discover.

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