2.0 Movie Review: No Logic, but VFX makes movie Enjoyable :)

So we watched 2.0 Tamil movie today at Sathyam Cinemas, Royapettah. We were waiting for the right movie to visit this famous theatre and this film did not let us down. 2.0 is an excellent entertainer as far as Action and VFX is considered. But if you are a serious movie watcher who expects logic, characterisation, story, etc. this movie may not live up to your expectations.

The Bad

The first thing that was very odd in this movie was – the villain fights for the right reason (his way of fighting may be wrong.. but still we are clearly able to empathise with his cause). In most movies we see, it’s the hero who fights for the right cause even if it requires him to kill many, etc. But here, it’s the reverse.

The idea of connecting science with paranormal activity (ghosts, to be precise) doesn’t arguer well. Somehow we seem to want to believe in ghosts, and believe that science can destroy them – possibly this is the beginning of a future trend.

It’s difficult to follow the story and the logic of it all. Blame it on the pace of the movie, but things could have been explained clearer. It seemed like they wanted to use a few scientific jargons here and there, so that all the action which comes later can be justified 🙂 Actually, there is not much of a logic for why or how action scenes happen, but.. that’s how it is.

The Good

The VFX in this movie is extremely good, more importantly enjoyable.

The action scenes are top class and the movie keeps a good pace.

Thankfully songs don’t distract the flow of the movie – they are reserved for the climax and during the end credits. That worked well to amp up our spirits while leaving.

The above plus points + 3D Glasses + Good Theater + Good popcorn & cold coffee + Unique selfies = Good Entertainment.

During some action scenes people in the theater kept shouting (needless to say, it’s THALAIVAR’s movie) and that enthusiasm caught up with us too.

The message, although many might dislike, provided an emotional attachment with the villain and that made the plot thicker. Usually this happens with the hero, but Akshay Kumar is a big hero too.. so no gripes 🙂


Frankly, if ‘I’ was the last Shankar’s movie you watched, don’t be discouraged and decide not to go to the theater based on that crappy movie experience.

This movie is much better, especially if you like Action & VFX scenes. Don’t miss watching it on the big screen with 3D glasses. It’s worth it.

Destination Infinity

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6 thoughts on “2.0 Movie Review: No Logic, but VFX makes movie Enjoyable :)

  1. I am quite the movie buff but critical too! But I don’t over analyse. For example I loved Bahubali. I enjoy action movies and SF. Is this movie is dubbed in hindi or english?

  2. Been sometime Shanker comes up with social causes in his movies. I watched 2.0 at drive in last night and I liked the movie how it went straight into the subject without usual commercial items… and my fav is 3.0 mini version robots and it was best fun elements and Akshay Kumar part as Pakshe raja was moving… wished the message was strong and delivered in different style and logically as well.

    Glad you enjoyed the 3d version what drive-in does not have.

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