A Couple of Dreams: Follow their Journey in India!!

A Couple of Dreams is the Youtube Channel run by adventurous couple Ashley (from UK) & Rotem (from Israel). They are on an 8-month trip to India trying to accomplish 100 Dreams/Challenges, which I guess they’d put up on their YT channel along with their travel vlogs.

We (Me and Ramya) spoke to the couple of dreams over a Video Call today, and we were mighty impressed with their dreams and aspirations. Just like us, but stretching it far beyond what we would dare, they have ditched the routine life and are on a exploratory journey in an unknown land.

They are currently in Goa and have already uploaded a few videos. You would not want to miss the video on Diwali celebrations in Goa. I myself had no idea that they celebrate Diwali so grandly there! But India is big, so I guess it’s normal to encounter surprises like these.

If you, the readers, have any tips for ‘challenges in India’ they could take up, you could suggest them. I have sent my short tourist guide book for foreigners visiting India.

This couple reached out to us, and I am sure they’d be glad to reach out to others in India who would like to help them or sponsors who would like to get featured/partner with them.

We’d like to wish the couple a very happy journey. Of course, we’ll be following their joys (and tribulations – well they are in INDIA!!) on their Instagram and Facebook pages. Hope readers would also want to.

Here is their photo taken with Indian attire!!

A Couple of Dreams - Ashley and Rotem

Destination Infinity

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6 thoughts on “A Couple of Dreams: Follow their Journey in India!!

  1. India is mostly famous for its temples I guess. That’s what most people like to visit. Also the style of temples varies a lot across various regions and states. Good luck to the couple and hope they have a wonderful trip!

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    1. That has been the case ever since I shifted the site to AWS. Not sure what’s the issue. The comment gets published in spite of that notification, though.

      Destination Infinity

  3. The couple looks cool taking up the challenges and a dream not possible for everyone to work out. My wishes to their journey as well and I’m sure they learn and experience lot and will be an inspiration for travels

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