VGP Marine Kingdom – Underwater Aquarium in Chennai!

VGP Marine Kingdom is the latest addition to the VGP Amusement park, Snow Kingdom, Click Art Museum, Live Art Museum entertainment complex.

VGP Marine Kingdom is a fully Air-Conditioned complex that houses many species of fish – some quite rare for this part of the world. There are small fishes and large fishes like sharks, stingrays, starfishes, etc.

The initial part of this aquarium houses transparent fish tanks in various sizes, while the second part that contains the larger fishes like sharks is designed similar to a walk-through tunnel where the fishes are all around you.

At Rs. 500 per ticket (June 2019) I feel the cost is quite reasonable. The design and maintenance of this place is fine, but don’t expect colourful coral-type of setup – although they try to mimic that environment in a minimal way at a few places.

At a few places, there is a viewing/photo point right inside the fish tank. One could bend over and crawl into it. This is a good idea.

Although the number and variety of fishes are impressive, the lighting (esp. for photography/ videography) is poor. But photography is allowed without additional cost, which is a plus.

Altogether this offers a different experience for people in Chennai/India especially, you may not find anything new if you’ve been to some of the larger underwater aquariums around the world.

There is a bus stop for VGP Entertainment complex (Google Maps Link) in ECR and buses ply from across Chennai. If you don’t get a direct bus, come to Tiruvanmayur bus stand from where you’ll find many buses.

You can take a OLA or Uber Cab but am not sure if you’ll find another while returning. You should, or you can catch a bus to Tiruvanmayur from where you’ll get a cab.

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5 thoughts on “VGP Marine Kingdom – Underwater Aquarium in Chennai!

  1. I saw it when passing that way and I see ramps leading up on both sides but I don’t know the underwater area is accessible by wheelchair. Wish I could check it sometime

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