Chennai Bloggers Meet @ Tower Park

Today, on behalf of The Chennai Bloggers Club, we organized a Bloggers Meet at Tower Park, Annanagar, Chennai.

Around 11 of us bloggers turned up to discuss how we can revive interest in the art of blogging and the power of words, especially with youngsters who are gravitating towards Youtube and Instagram – mostly.

My association with Chennai Bloggers Club goes back many years and I fondly remember all those blogger meets we organized and participated in. Even now we share our new blog posts in our CBC facebook group and find more readers for our content.

More than anything else, it’s the community of like-minded people with a shared interest to create content – written or in other forms, that binds us together. Passion is important in life, guys!

That’s why we organized this meet, to revive the spirit of blogging and renew our commitment to write more. Hopefully, we’ll be able to organize small blogger meets like this regularly.

If you are a blogger from Chennai, click the link in the first paragraph and join our Facebook group. We aim to keep it active and bring in more energy – particularly from the younger generation.

Write and Read More people – it is therapy 🙂

Here is our group pic from today’s meet –

Destination Infinity

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