10 Creators from Chennai whose Crafts You Should See

Last Saturday I went to the BYOB Chennai flea-mart expo organized by GoFloaters at Tea Trails, Nungambakkam. GoFloaters offers flexible workspaces for coworking & meetings at leading cafes, offices, meeting places, etc. around the city. The best thing is, you can book per hour!

This exhibition featured the handmade crafts/arts/products/services of ten creators from Chennai. Most of them have pages on Instagram through which you can contact them and place your order online.

In this expo I did something I never did before – I recorded a video interview with most of the creators exhibiting there and uploaded them to Youtube so that people who didn’t visit the popup can also find out about the wonderful work they are doing.

I feel it’s the duty of creative people to help other creative people 🙂

Here are the video interviews I did with the ten creators. You can choose and watch the topics that you like, or you can watch them all. Don’t forget to do your bit by sharing this blog post on your social media channels.

The Instagram profile of each artist/creator is linked along with their names, below.

.1. The Paper Dolphin is a Chennai-based Online business that makes stationery & corporate gifts from discarded/recycled paper, cloth, etc.

2. The Baker’s Company is an online business based in Chennai that supplies tasty home-made pastries, cakes, mousses, chocolate truffles, etc.

3. @Gagzyyy is the Instagram handle of Chennai-based watercolour artist Gowri. She is a landscape artist, sustainability enthusiast, and of course a watercolour painter. She hopes to lift people’s moods through her beautiful paintings and make the world a better/happier place to live.

4. Awakening Brand is founded by Maya, who is based out of Chennai, India. Through her art-based products like boxes, books, painting scrolls, etc. she wishes to spread positivity and heal the world!

5. HOL – High On Life is a Chennai-based Online business that designs and sells custom 3D printed products & merchandise. They also offer a platform for makers & designers to collaborate, design, and sell 3D printed products.

6. Tharu Organic Care is a Chennai-based online business selling organic skincare and beauty products, delivered across India.

7. @Shivakthi is the Instagram handle of an online Chennai-based business. The creator behind the page makes paper crafts, paper quilled jewellery, and everything paper!

8. Niru’s Calligraphy is an online business run by an artist based in Chennai, India. He not only makes hand-written calligraphy based on client needs for gifting, decor, etc. but he also conducts workshops for the learning of aspiring calligraphers.

9. Comal Crafts is a Chennai-based Online Business that offers customized crochets & gifts to customers. The creator uses different types of yarn to make these cute dolls. These are made based on a Japanese concept called Amigurumi.

10. KaysArt06 is a Chennai-based online business run by Kaavya. She specializes in Fluid Art/Paintings which express emotions through art. You can have a look at her paintings and buy them via Instagram.

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