Iru Dhuruvam Tamil Web Series Launch by Sony Liv

Sometimes we just want to relax by quickly watching something interesting or exciting, but can’t fugure out what or where. There is so much free stuff on TV and Youtube but they are not always good or engaging. That’s why Sony Liv is coming up with a series of original web-series that are available in short episodes and catch your attention right from the first minute.

Sony Liv is the premium mobile app that has a lot of regional and international entertainment content including movies, sports, cartoons, dubbed TV serials and original web series in multiple languages like Hindi, Tamil, etc.

Yesterday we were invited to the press meet at Taj Coromandel for the launch of Sony Liv‘s exclusive new Tamil web-series called “Iru Dhuruvam“.

Here is the gist of Iru Dhuruvam’s story –

The show begins with a series of horrific murders that put the city in a state of shock and chaos overnight. Inspector David Viktor, a hawk-eyed cop is assigned to hunt down the killer. But what happens when the hunter himself becomes a prey? While investigating the brutal murders, he himself is under the scanner for his wife’s mysterious disappearance. Is there a connection between these two events?

Here is the Video Trailer –

Running over 9 episodes of 20-30 minutes each – all available for streaming now, Iru Dhuruvam features actors Nandha Durairaj – one of the first popular Tamil movie actors venturing into the OTT space, Abhirami Iyer – former Miss Tamil Nadu and Big Boss participant, the young YouTube sensation Abdool, and popular theatre and film artist Sebastin.

Here is what the cast and crew that made Iru Dhuruvam had to say about this web-series during the launch event yesterday –

We were shown the first episode (20-minutes approx) of the show on the big screen. It was gripping. Unlike serials and movies, since there is not much room for slow and steady progress, in web-series the audience expects action right from the word go. So these are apt for binge-watching.

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5 thoughts on “Iru Dhuruvam Tamil Web Series Launch by Sony Liv

  1. Couldn’t comment on your earlier posts. Are you automatically closing comments on older posts? Nice to see that you met so many bloggers. You must have had fun!
    Coming to this post, interesting to learn about webseries. I was not aware of this app. Can you watch it on TV as well? Is it part of the Sony TV channel?

    1. That auto comment closing setting after 28 days thing – I’ve fixed it now. I guess it was turned on accidentally. Now comments can be written on any post.

      Destination Infinity

    2. It’s not available on TV, only as a mobile app. Probably you can stream the content from your mobile to TV using chromecast device or something…

      Destination Infinity

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