Oh, these MLM Meets!

On weekends, I attend meetups and events across the city. Mostly these are about marketing, business processes, social causes, or even creative skills.

That’s why, when I accidentally ended up going to an MLM meet – due to a misleading title and description given by the organizer, I didn’t have a clue about what to do!

MLM means Multi-Level Marketing. Basically, in the guise of making you a business owner – even a part-time one at that – they make you buy a lot of over-priced products and expect you to sell them through the ‘power of your network’.

If you are unable to do that, they encourage you to identify other ‘potential business owners’, again through the power of your network and expect you to sell the entire lot of products to those ‘business investors’ as well.

I have never been a fan of this business model so I don’t generally go to MLM Meets. However this time I was ‘accidentally’ in one.

First off, the venue was great. I took a few good photos and selfies. Thanks to the organizer for that 🙂

However, once inside, I was exposed to too many fake smiles & multiple tall promises – how about one product to solve all your health, business, savings, life, and charity problems too? That’s what was being sold to me there 🙂

After one hour of sitting through the presentations by multiple associates (generally, it’s a teamwork – incl. awkward applauses by their own members in the audience) I couldn’t sit any longer.

So in between two presentations, I asked my neighboring associate if there was a restroom. He said it was just outside. I asked the same thing to the doorkeeper. Same answer. I thanked him profusely and took my way to freedom by heading directly outside the venue 🙂

What I don’t understand is, how did I manage to last inside for an hour? I have some patience alright!

While I was heading back, I thought about how we are constantly bombarded with such unwanted marketing messages just about everywhere.

The world, I realized, was just a big MLM playground. Only, the messages and the way they’re delivered are different from direct MLM meets. The intentions are the same everywhere. If not worse.

So my hard-feelings for the people who were trying too hard to sell their magic product inside the MLM meeting dissappeared in a jiffy!

Destination Infinity

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