My Home Improvement Black Friday Wishlist @ Lowe’s

Black Friday 2019 Deals are Coming… Wait, they’re already Live at many online retailers. This Black Friday I have decided to focus on buying a few home improvement products – if I get a good deal on them. When I think of Home Improvement, I can mostly think of Lowe’s online retail website.

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Let’s quickly have a look at my home improvement product wishlist –

I am going to tell you my little secret to effective Black Friday shopping that almost always works, at the end of this article. So read till the end.

#1. Coleman 495.3-in x 6.5-in x 29.21-in 2-Watt Portable Solar Panel

Let’s first do our bit to the environment, shall we? This little portable solar panel charger offers an excellent way to charge my mobile phones and tablets while I am out on a long trip or even at home.

I know there are power banks but even they get exhausted or I forget to take them. Even when I am out trekking, I can hang it on my bag in a way that the solar surface faces the sun. So I can charge my power banks or mobile devices by directly connecting to the panel. Solar charging is slow but makes power available during remote emergency situations.

#2. Frigidaire 3.3-cu ft Freestanding Mini Fridge (Silver Mist)

Oh, this little fridge is such a cutie pie. You’ll fall in love with it the moment you see it 🙂 The point is, I am trying to live sustainably and hence am making small changes to my lifestyle where possible.

A small fridge will enable me to stock only what I need for a day or two. If I need new supplies, I walk or drive to the neighboring store. That way, I get more physical activity and this type of refrigerator saves a lot of power too.

#3. DEWALT 7-Tool 20-volt Max Power Tool Combo Kit with Soft Rolling Case

As a Sustainable Living enthusiast, DIY appeals to me a lot. I’ve always wanted to start using pro-tools to fix things around my home – this Black Friday might offer me the best opportunity to equip myself to learn the tools used by biggies.

These tools are not only for simple mending works but also for creating new things out of raw materials – the way I want them. Weekend DIY is therapy, trust me. I am planning to restart my therapy sessions from this Black Friday.

#4. GE 7-ft Pre-lit Asheville Fir Artificial Christmas Tree with 500 Multi-function Color Changing LED Lights

Well, Christmas is coming and at some point, we’ll have to buy a Tree. Generally, I buy the tree and other components in a last-minute rush and struggle to get it set up on time.

This time, with huge discounts available for these trees on Black Friday, I am going to take the opportunity to buy a fully-furnished tree that I just have to put up and switch on. OK, it’s slightly more complicated than that, but I would easily get it ready on time.

#5. 39.3-in x 57-in x 23.62-in Freestanding Metal Laundry Organizer

Until I saw this laundry organizer/drier, I didn’t have a clue how useful something like that could be for our house. Why hang the clothes outside and lose them? Why put the clothes all over the place?

A freestanding metal organizer like this will enable me to neatly hang clothes in them, and move the entire lot whenever I want. Very useful.

Smart Way of Shopping Black Friday Deals

Try not to go to Black Friday Deals websites and browse around ‘looking’ for the best deal. Instead, decide the products you wish to buy – in advance – and then set up deal tracking for those. Once your favorite products go on Black Friday Sale you’ll get notified via email, SMS and Push Notification. When you get the notification, buy it immediately.

Click Here to see the Top, Best, Popular, Recent & Budget Deals & Coupons offered at Lowe’s in one single page.

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