Our Discussion with Celebrity Chef Saransh Goila @ WOAP Weekender, Chennai

Last Sunday (Nov. 10) we were invited for a Blogger Interaction session with Celebrity Chef, Restaurateur, TV Show Host & Author Saransh Goila. This was arranged on the backstage of WOAP Weekender, India’s largest multi-city Gourmet festival currently being organized at VR Mall, Chennai.

Saransh is the winner of Food Food Maha Challenge, a guest judge at MasterChef Australia, owner of Goila Butter Chicken restaurant in Mumbai, SadakChef TV host and author of food travelogue book, ‘India on my platter’ – to mention just a few of his accomplishments.

Around six bloggers from Chennai got a chance to interact with this celebrity chef who was also an actor earlier. He has successfully managed to combine his passion for traveling with his other passions to develop out-of-the-box recipes which may sometimes be a fusion of local and international cuisines.

Here is the edited video of our interaction along with a few pics taken at the WOAP Weekender event at VR Mall, Chennai –

In this interaction, he speaks about his favourite South Indian dishes, trends in the food/restaurant industry, how travel inspires him to select and experiment with new recipes, and much more.

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