Kannagi Nagar Wall Paintings @ Chennai

You’ll be surprised to know the latest tourist destination of Chennai – it’s Kannagi Nagar, a fisherman resettlement colony!

Yesterday I went to a Photo Walk organized by Madras Photo Bloggers to Kannagi Nagar to take some snaps of the beautiful wall paintings that have recently decorated the apartments there, thanks to St+Art India and Asian Paints.

Here is a Short Video with a few pics taken at Kannagi Nagar by me –

This area has around 80,000 people, and a few of the four-floor apartments built for their resettlement (Tsunami, Adyar river beautification, etc.) are in the process of being painted by 10 Artists from India & 5 Artists from abroad.

Each painting has a theme behind it. If you want to know the inspiration behind some of them, visit this informative page by Architecture Digest. Also, don’t forget to follow St+India’s Facebook page where they put up photos and information about all art projects they undertake across India.

Destination Infinity

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4 thoughts on “Kannagi Nagar Wall Paintings @ Chennai

  1. Wonderful idea.The paintings have transformed and elevated what would have been otherwise a concrete jungle.

    Thank you for making us aware of these innovative efforts.

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