Is Chai Kings the Inexpensive Coffee Day we Always Wanted?

When I was in Sales Career, 1.5 Decades ago, I used to be a regular customer of a few small tea shops. Although the tea and snacks were tasty, the ambiance was not. Back then I was not concerned about hygiene much.

As a tea lover, I used to envy coffee lovers as they had Coffee Day. I liked only two of their flavors – Mocha & Tropical Iceberg. Besides, these were quite expensive. So I couldn’t go there as often as I wished.

I had always wanted a Coffee Day like chain shops for Tea lovers. A shop that would offer a good ambiance but at a lower price. I also wanted ‘our’ snacks like samosa, etc. that would go well along with tea.

If you’ve not tasted samosa with tea, close this browser NOW.

After so many years, I am glad that now we have Chai Kings – a tea shop chain at multiple locations across Chennai.

Besides Multiple Flavours of Tea (Starting at Rs. 20) they offer Samosa, Puff, and other ‘Indian’ snacks. All these are quite inexpensive considering the decent ambiance (they have a good sense of design) and better hygiene (than local tea shops).

They are also innovative – last time I went I noticed they had introduced Noodles for 40 rupees. They didn’t stop with that, I also saw something very unique – Noodle Samosa. Noodles inside Samosa? Although I didn’t eat it, I want to taste it next time I am there šŸ™‚

They have also designed a unique cardboard container that can hold a few cups of tea and keep it hot for a couple of hours. If you wanted tea as a parcel or at your doorstep (via food delivery apps) they’ve covered you as well.

I like this shop – maybe just after Primas, a local bakery chain that’s been my most favorite shop for many years. Hopefully, Chai Kings will become the Coffee Day for Tea in India very soon. Wishing the owners all the very best šŸ™‚

Destination Infinity

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8 thoughts on “Is Chai Kings the Inexpensive Coffee Day we Always Wanted?

    1. That broccoli samosa is new to me, I don’t think Chai Kings would have offered that – whoever did seems to be way more innovative šŸ™‚
      Good to see your comments back SG!

      Destination Infinity

  1. A very nice introduction and promotional post.

    Tea is more popular than coffee.An upgradation of tea shop to a cozy ambiance with comfortable chairs and tables at affordable and competitive prices is the oft felt need.

    This would be the key to attract a large clientele.

    Chai kings is the answer to this pressing need.

  2. I have seen people enjoy chai kings at instagram and i know there’s one in besant nagar that I want to try it sometime. I think you should also try the Gilli Chai, a newly launched mobile tea shops and Iā€™m sure you will like their concept because they sell teas from an electric retrofit auto rickshaw. They have few outlets in Chennai including one in Besant nagar and the mobile tea shops is run by women.

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