WRIMO India Anthology: VENGEANCE, Includes my short story!

I am glad to say that my short story, ‘The Singers’ has been included in the WRIMO India Anthology – ‘VENGEANCE: A Sting in every Tale’. This is a Kindle eBook containing collection of short stories written by WRIMO India authors and edited by Sonia Rao. I made the above poster in accordance with the theme of my story in the book. There are short stories written by other authors too. 

Boomers!: The Final Solution (Book Review)

Boomers!: The Final Solution is a Thriller novel written by Daniel Horne. Gist: A newspaper reporter investigates a false shooting case at a party to find there is more going on behind the scenes and this murder might be just a cover up. A smuggler finds his usual route in Arizona desert bordering Mexico, Southern US, being monitored by Drone air crafts. He also finds his latest shipment and men missing. Who could be behind it?

Ponniyin Selvan #1: English Translation of Tamil Classic Novel ~ Wow!

Ponniyin Selvan #1: Fresh Floods is the English translation of the first part of the popular and bestselling historical fiction classic novel in Tamil. The book, set in 11th Century Tamil Nadu, was written by Kalki in the 40s/50s, has been translated into English by Pavithra Srinivasan, and is published by Westland Ltd. Book review in one word: Wow! 🙂 

The Gang of Wonder Kids by Shetall Ramsinghani (Book Review)

The Gang of Wonder Kids by Shetall Ramsinghani is a sweet book for pre-teens and early-teens that is filled with adventures while helping kids to learn valuable life lessons. Slightly bordering on paranormal, I guess the stories should be exciting (for kids). What takes the cake is the morals/learning conveyed in a non-preachy tone. If you are tired of preaching life lessons, and kids don’t listen to you, you might as well try asking them to read this book!

My Man Jeeves – P. G. Wodehouse (Book Review)

My Man Jeeves by P. G. Wodehouse is the first second full-length humorous book I read recently. Just before reading this, I tried to read ‘Three Men in a Boat’. Although that book was funny (until where ever I dropped it), it tested my patience without a story, or a story that moved tooooooo slow. So I dropped it mid-way. But this book, at least in comparison, is a GEM. It’s more like a collection of short stories 🙂

Amish Tripathi: What’s the Next Book/Series? (2015)

Amish Tripathi is the Indian bestseller novelist and author of the popular ‘Shiva Trilogy’ Mytho-Fantasy-Thriller book series. In fact, “The Shiva Trilogy has become the fastest selling book series in the history of Indian publishing, with two million copies in print and over 50 crore rupees in sales.” – Wikipedia page on Amish. 

Murder in Amaravati (Book Review)

Murder in Amaravati is a Murder Mystery written by Sharath Komarraju. The book is set in a small Indian village located in Andhra Pradesh – India. Gist: Padmavati, the village hostess (prostitute), is found murdered inside the village Temple. The priest discovers the body of the woman who is later diagnosed to have been killed due to drowning in fresh water. Is he, the only person who is supposed to have the Temple key, the murderer? Or did the village Sarpanch, the most powerful man in the village and a regular customer of the woman, kill her? There are two more […]