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    Sri Vaari Party Hall @ Kolathur, Chennai

    Above embedded is the promo video made by me for Sri Vaari Party Hall, located at Kolathur, Chennai. Actually, this party hall belongs to a good friend and a fellow blogger Sarath Babu and his father. They invited us to the opening ceremony where we got a chance to click a few photos and videos. This is a 1700 sq. feet A/C Hall with a seating capacity of around 100-120 people. It is targeted smaller events like birthday party, engagement ceremony, seemantham, get-togethers, etc. It seems they are already getting requests for hosting small wedding receptions too! They have tie ups with event management/catering firms, which customers might want to…

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    Viswasam is 100 Times better than Petta

    Script wise, Viswasam is at least 100 times better than Petta. Viswasam has a strong antagonist – the situation, not Jagapathi Babu. Petta, in spite of having three capable actors – Nawazuddin Siddiqui, Vijay Sethupathi & Bobby Simha, couldn’t match one Raghuvaran, one Ramya Krishna or one Radha Ravi. Sad. I am surprised that a ‘Superhero’ like Ajith even agreed to do such an offbeat movie – given his established mass hero status. Kudos to his selection. And Nayantara keeps proving how good her script selection is – quite regularly, nowadays! These two movies, accidentally released at the same time, proves that even Superheroes need strong antagonists, they need to…

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    Highway Eat-Gazing

    Don’t search the meaning of eat-gazing in dictionaries. You won’t find it – I just inveted the term 🙂 One of my favorite past times, especially when I am traveling on my bike in closed highway routes (like the Maduravoyil-Tambaram highway) is to eat-gaze. Let me explain. I travel some distance into the highway. These are closed toll highways that do not have openings or shops – mostly for the entire stretch. Once I cross a few hundred meters, sufficient to confirm that the vehicles behind me cannot turn back, I stop my bike on the side. I select an upward curve that goes right so that I and my…

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    What is Cleft and How can it be Prevented/Cured?

    Image Credit: Anamaya Indo Pacific Facebook page. Summary: Cleft is an opening that appears in-between the upper lip and the nose (on the outside) or/and on the upper mouth (on the inside). Clefts develop in babies during early pregnancy due to factors like genetics, bad eating/drinking choices, medication side effects, or even due to diabetes. Clefts can be prevented by taking pre-conception folic acid supplements, or after birth via surgery and therapies. What is Cleft? Cleft is a birth defect in kids that happens because the skin/tissues that should have surrounded the lip/mouth area did not connect fully during the early-stage pregnancy. It appears as a hole/opening on the upper…

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    Our New Mobile Phone with a STYLUS – LG Q Stylus :)

    Presenting to you our new mobile phone(s) with a Stylus – the LG Q Styuls Smartphone 🙂 Frankly, I was researching the best camera phones as we take a lot of selfies and other photos. This mobile was not in the list of camera phones I had shortlisted. However, when I was casually browsing for new phones, I found this model released by LG three months back that actually had a stylus in the economy-mid budget range. If you didn’t get the punch in the last para, read ahead. I was using Motorola and HTC phones with stylus for many years (I guess around 6-7 years). I was happy operating…

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    Pettai: Fan-made Video

    Here is a fan-video I made for upcoming Rajinikanth’s Tamil movie – Petta. This is a crafts-themed video, with the woollen thread craft made by Ramya and the paper cup craft made at a recent show we went to. I have animated Tamil characters for the first time. Do you like it? 🙂 Destination Infinity

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    Minimal Silk Thread Chain

    via GIPHY Here is a Minimal Design-based Silk Thread Chain made by Ramya. Customers can choose any colour for the silk thread – a good option to match the jewellery with their dress. The special price mentioned above is for a short time, and of course for one chain. Other silk thread jewellery models are also available – have a look at this page. Destination Infinity

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    New WordPress Gutenberg Editor & Atomic Blocks Theme ROCK!!

    As you maybe knowing by now, I have a Video & Powerpoint Creation Website. I am using self-hosted version of WordPress in that site also.  Recently, WordPress released an update (5.0) where they changed the current TinyMCE editor to blocks-based Gutenberg editor. For my other website, wowsuper.net, I had used a premium theme with a theme-builder that enabled me to build my homepage using sections. But this update broke that theme-builder plugin, so I was looking for alternative themes – preferably one that was built for/supports Gutenberg editor.  WordPress themselves have released the Twenty Nineteen theme that integrates fully with Gutenberg. In fact, in the distraction-free version of the editor interface,…

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    3 success stories of young people who became wealthy after investing

    Is there a sure short mantra that one can apply to investing? After all, the core purpose of investing is to create wealth for the future. But there is nothing like any one single way or one simple way. As Euclid put it very succinctly, “Excellency, there is no royal road to Geometry”. Similarly, there is no royal road to investing. An investment journey has to necessarily combine home work, diligence, patience, discipline, conviction and pragmatism. It is only when you combine these 6 attributes that you can actually create wealth through investments. Before we get into specific cases and approaches to how this is done, let us look at…

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    Boating in Chennai: Chetpet Eco Park

    I have written about my Chetpet Eco Park boating experience before. That was 3-years ago. So I thought why not revisit the park now and see what new amenities have been added for tourists, so this blog post. Let’s start with a short overview video of the Chetpet Eco Park.  The first striking difference I noticed was the addition of new paintings and information boards. These are really beautiful. I saw a few stone models/sculptures too, but I have seen them during my previous visit.  Last time, there was a small food court near the children’s play area. But this time, they have made a (separate) larger food court on…