Monkey Falls

I am not sure why they are calling this one – Monkey falls! Sure, there are a lot of monkeys around this place, and perhaps the naughtiest ones around this area! The Monkey Falls is just around 4-5 KM from Aliyar Dam & Gardens, towards Valparai hills. In fact, the Monkey Falls is situated on the foothills of the Valparai range of mountains. So, from Coimbatore, its around 65-68 KM (Pollachi Road, Valparai Road). The roads are quite ok.

On the way:

The shadow of mountains on the lake near monkey falls, Pollachi CoimbatoreThe small Island on the other side of Aliyar Dam/Lake:

small island near aliyar lake/ monkey fallsMonkey Falls:

monkey falls long shot photomonkey falls near pollachi, coimbatorePhoto of Monkey falls Pollachi Coimbatoresunset photoOk, the last photo was taken on my way back on the Coimbatore-Pollachi Highway. This busy highway is surprisingly single lane without a divider! So, its pretty dangerous to drive on this road, after sunset especially on a two wheeler. So, I was trying to return to Coimbatore before sunset, and stopped to take the above picture.

Video Slide show of some more pictures taken at Monkey falls:

Video/music courtesy: Youtube (2 min, 5 sec)

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20 thoughts on “Monkey Falls

  1. Always wanted to go south of Mysore, but somehow we haven’t done it yet. When I see these photos, I feel guilty for having missed these areas! Btw, today your site was taking very long to load, I wonder why.

    1. Both TN and Kerala have some gem of tourist spots… I am discovering that now! Actually, I have installed some caching plugin, its supposed to make the site faster (the first load on an article would be slow it seems). But if it happens again, do let me know… For me it loads normally.

      Destination Infinity

    1. There were not only lot of monkeys, they were quite mischievous too… The monkeys snatched a plastic cover with food held in the hands of a visitor and throughly checked for anything in my front pouch (bike)… Since I was already aware of this technique, I didn’t keep anything there (this time). 🙂

      Destination Infinity

  2. What a lovely place & unspoilt nature! I have seen valparai only in movies and in Magudi shuba’s song!
    First 3 pictures are simply mind-blowing!

    1. I wish I could have gone up the Valparai hills – this place was on the foothills of the Valparai range. But the whole place looks almost like Kerala without any commercialization! What a bliss!!

      Destination Infinity

  3. yes, miss aswathy there was lot of monkeys so only tat falls named as monkey falls.
    and its a nice place, lot of movies and songs were shooted there.

  4. oh vow.. splendid photos.. and write up on places of attraction in and coimbatore.. well!! what can i makes me feel all the more prouder that i am a coimbatorean:-)
    great stuff. god bless you .

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