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Monkey Falls

I am not sure why they are calling this one – Monkey falls! Sure, there are a lot of monkeys around this place, and perhaps the naughtiest ones around this area! The Monkey Falls is just around 4-5 KM from Aliyar Dam & Gardens, towards Valparai hills. In fact, the Monkey Falls is situated on the foothills of the Valparai range of mountains. So, from Coimbatore, its around 65-68 KM (Pollachi Road, Valparai Road). The roads are quite ok.

On the way:

The shadow of mountains on the lake near monkey falls, Pollachi CoimbatoreThe small Island on the other side of Aliyar Dam/Lake:

small island near aliyar lake/ monkey fallsMonkey Falls:

monkey falls long shot photomonkey falls near pollachi, coimbatorePhoto of Monkey falls Pollachi Coimbatoresunset photoOk, the last photo was taken on my way back on the Coimbatore-Pollachi Highway. This busy highway is surprisingly single lane without a divider! So, its pretty dangerous to drive on this road, after sunset especially on a two wheeler. So, I was trying to return to Coimbatore before sunset, and stopped to take the above picture.

Video Slide show of some more pictures taken at Monkey falls:

Video/music courtesy: Youtube (2 min, 5 sec)

Destination Infinity

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