My Visit to Regional Science Center, Coimbatore



Regional Science Center, near CODISSIA Trade Center, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu was a pleasant surprise. I went to attend a Wind Energy expo in CBE and saw the board for this museum/park on the way. Curious, I decided to step in and explore. I am glad I did.

This science museum is like Visweswaraiah Museum in Bangalore. It contains scientific exhibits and demonstration models. There are four galleries within the building. The first gallery shows the technologies used in the textile industry, both historic and present times. The above pic shows a handloom machine. The below pic shows a Warping machine. 



The next gallery was about the history of Astronomy — right from Galileo to modern day astronomers.  The third gallery demonstrated scientific principles. It was supposed to be interactive but when I went to touch a button, the security asked me not to touch any! Some of them were not working. There were detailed explanations next to each exhibit for people to read and learn. 


The next gallery had many engineering exhibits and explained the technological principles behind each. The above picture, for example, shows an airplane engine! The working principles of both simple and complex objects was available. Since I went late in the day, I couldn’t read much. You could go in the morning and plan to spend around half-a-day. 
There is also a 3D theater where they show a short film about prehistoric-times. I think the ticket costs Rs. 15, in addition to the Rs. 15 entry ticket cost. The staff were helpful and offered to show me the movie, although I was the only one there! The museum works from morning 10 A.M. to evening 5:30 P.M.

There is a “pre-historic park” outside the building. Have a look at the pictures of dinosaurs I took there 🙂



  Outside, in the park area, there are still more scientific exhibits. But few are in working condition. This and the pre-historic dinosaurs section had boards with information. There is a children’s play area in this park — just in case they get bored with too much science and dinosaurs 🙂


They allow photography, but only with cell phone cameras! I went on a weekday so it was almost empty. Perhaps people come on weekends. It’s a good place to take your kids — they can enjoy and learn something. Adults can also try to learn 🙂

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