The Message of Shiva Trilogy books by Amish Tripathi

I just finished reading *The Shiva Trilogy* series by Amish Tripathi. Excellent books – I highly recommend all the three.

The core message conveyed by the books (as I understand) is: What we think is our greatest good will eventually become our greatest bad, and vice versa.

Personally, I am surprised by my own inner transformation. After reading the three books, I have stopped judging people as ‘good’ and ‘bad’. Not that I was doing much of that earlier, but still.. I now accept that everyone (me included) are both good and bad, and we are designed like that for a reason. This helps me approach inter-personal relations in a totally different light.

Who says reading fiction doesn’t help? 🙂

Book 1 was good; Book 2 was the best (story-wise); and Book 3 was excellent in the beginning (when the secret is revealed), felt dragging in the middle, but was fine towards the end.

Destination Infinity

PS: This is the first book series I ever completed. Kudos to the author for making me do that. I don’t want to read his next series because I am already fed up with a million retellings of Ramayana – I don’t want to read another.

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14 thoughts on “The Message of Shiva Trilogy books by Amish Tripathi

  1. As I had said, I am yet to read this one… Been in the to-read shelf for a really long time… Interesting to note that there are key take away from the book…
    Happy reading!

    1. I think that realization of core message and the transformation in reader’s attitude is the best result that a book can bring. I wholeheartedly congratulate Amish Tripathi for making it happen.

      Destination Infinity

  2. I now feel like picking this trilogy after reading your post. I heard lot of bad reviews for the third book and that kind of made me not want to pick it up. It has been on my must read list for so long! Must read this series soon.

  3. Exactly what I felt! I loved Book 2 the most. And I found 3 really boring for a while. But Sati’s duel was one hell of an episode. Even though we all know what happens to Sati, it was still heart rending; the way she fought valiantly.

    1. Yes, book 2 combined with the first 50 pages of book 3 was indeed the best. But the third book picks up emotionally (later) via the duel of Sati.

      Destination Infinity

    1. I like his philosophy in addition to his narrative style. Many authors achieve the latter, but only Amish can come up with such a fantastic philosophy combined with decent narration!

      Destination Infinity

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