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The Message of Shiva Trilogy books by Amish Tripathi

I just finished reading *The Shiva Trilogy* series by Amish Tripathi. Excellent books – I highly recommend all the three.

The core message conveyed by the books (as I understand) is: What we think is our greatest good will eventually become our greatest bad, and vice versa.

Personally, I am surprised by my own inner transformation. After reading the three books, I have stopped judging people as ‘good’ and ‘bad’. Not that I was doing much of that earlier, but still.. I now accept that everyone (me included) are both good and bad, and we are designed like that for a reason. This helps me approach inter-personal relations in a totally different light.

Who says reading fiction doesn’t help? 🙂

Book 1 was good; Book 2 was the best (story-wise); and Book 3 was excellent in the beginning (when the secret is revealed), felt dragging in the middle, but was fine towards the end.

Destination Infinity

PS: This is the first book series I ever completed. Kudos to the author for making me do that. I don’t want to read his next series because I am already fed up with a million retellings of Ramayana – I don’t want to read another.


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