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Our Houseboat Trip @ Kerala

Once we were done with our chilly tree house trip on the hills of Munnar, we traveled to Kumarakoam for our houseboat trip.  Although we saw a few videos on houseboats of Kerala prior to this trip, we were not sure what to expect.

Personally, I loved this experience better than the tree house one because of the warmer temperature and the relaxed/lazy ambiance. All I had to do was sit down and relax. Of course, we also watched one movie 🙂

Actually, we went to this trip before about 10 months. If I remember it right, we were sailing on a river that flowed through Kumarakoam. From there we sailed to Aleppy, halted the houseboat on the shore there, spent the night inside the boat, and then returned to Kumarakoam on the morning, next day.

The houseboat is almost a mini lodge – Ours had a living room with TV, sofa, recliner chairs; bedroom with AC, attached bathroom with geyser, kitchen and even a couple of staff members for driving and cooking! We had informed the tourist agent that we wanted veg food and they served some nice Kerala food for us.

Of course, the river on which the boats ply has scenic views, but watching different types of houseboats on the way was an experience in itself. Since there is not much you can do on the boat or in the immediate vicinity, a one-day trip should be sufficient.

If you were looking for an affordable alternative to hiring a private yacht, you should not miss the houseboat experience. Even if you can hire a private yacht, you should try a houseboat for the unique experience.

We loved it.

Destination Infinity

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