Are School Uniforms Necessary? NO.

While our schools get away with strict policies on student’s dress codes/clothing with almost no one questioning them, I feel that we can do away with school uniforms. In this article, I have written why I feel school uniforms are unnecessary.

Let’s look at reasons why people seem to want school uniforms.

  • School uniform encourages equality and prevents discrimination. 

This is plain wishful thinking. Let’s admit that there is inequality at every step of our lives and we can’t do much about it. If not with uniforms, there are thousand other reasons to discriminate and people often amuse themselves by discriminating. When the student goes out the of the school. Wait, even when the student is wearing a uniform and is very much within the school, he/she is going to experience discrimination at multiple levels.

So why hide behind the veil of uniforms and try to conceal the fact that we are a discriminating species? The only thing uniforms seem to be promoting, in my point of view, is hypocrisy.

  • Uniforms teach students to dress smartly and formally after they join corporate companies

They can also learn how to dress smartly and formally after they join work. There is no need to be trained 12 long years for that.

  • Uniforms enable one to take pride in being a part of the organization

If a uniform is required for this, and not other important factors like quality of education, etc. then I wonder why schools even exist.

  • Uniforms discourage discrimination, social conflict, bullying & crimes

Why not ask all the prisoners to wear uniforms and roam freely on the streets? Uniforms prevent crimes, right?

  • Uniform makes students take studies more seriously and study without distraction 

If uniforms are going to make students study better, I wonder what are teachers for and what those millions of tuition and coaching centers are for!

  • School officials can recognize their students faster 

Even an emblem on one’s shoulder or a badge/ID card in one’s pocket will do the job. I wonder if schools want to brand/advertise their schools through uniforms?

  • School uniforms support unity in diversity

One of the easiest things for the society to do is to rest happy that at least in schools we have ‘succeeded’ in eliminating all forms of discrimination and hence have achieved unity in diversity, all because of a uniform!

Think about this – parents not only have to buy multiple sets of uniforms (white on Mondays/PT periods, colored – on other days, etc.) every year, they also need to wash and maintain them. And uniforms are expensive. Some schools even create an additional revenue stream by selling or recommending the ‘only preferred seller’ for their uniforms.

Freedom of expression is thawed. Yes, we are free to express ourselves in any way we want and our freedom of expression, including clothing, is guaranteed in the constitutions of most countries. But not in our schools!

It doesn’t allow a person of a particular sect/tribe/religion to wear/not wear what they might want – wearing a head scarf, not wearing shoes/tie – for example. If I don’t prefer wearing shoes and I am comfortable wearing chappals, why not allow me to? Why compel people to wear shoes, coat and tie in a country where temperatures easily cross 40 Deg. C? Isn’t this sadism?

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  • Locomente

    Thats an interesting thought. I agree that uniforms are expensive and difficult to maintain. But, so are regular clothes. Kids may compare themselves with others and want branded clothes, trendy ones and so on. It could lead to complex issues. It also helps others to identify to which school they go, in case they bunk and roam around! I support uniforms… Though I like your valid points!

  • KP

    It is all a fad that started with convent schools and later spread to private schools.Compared to the high fees collected, the parents do not mind the cost of uniforms .But then it affords no special benefits to children and is an unnecessary imposition. I am not sure whether corporation and government schools prescribe uniforms.If they do it should be done away with.It would be a relief to the poor.Schools can always discourage dandy dresses.

  • SG

    Interesting subject. I personally consider school uniform is a must. Matching outfits will make students feel equal. Uniforms will prove students’ individuality because they will have to express themselves with their personality and attitude rather than their expensive pair of shoes and brand name jeans. It will improve their self esteem because they will not feel pressured to dress in a certain way.

    Your equating students’ uniform with giving prisoners uniform and make them roam the streets is not a desired comparison.

  • Sandhya Kumar

    I too would prefer uniforms. Three sets of uniforms for a year, sometimes 2 years. solve the dress problem for school. Everybody will be wearing the same dress and shoes. Otherwise, in my case, if the girls are rich, they will wear pattup paavaadai, most of the time to school..I had one friend/classmate, who always wore that and chiffon half saree on the one day in a week, when we were allowed to wear normal dress. I had only one silk dress! Didn’t feel happy!

  • QueenBee

    I support uniforms for kids in school. Though the ‘preferred seller’ concept does force us to buy at a single place, I think the uniform lets kids concentrate more on studies, instead of making them think what to wear to school each day! I have read somewhere that father of FB, Mark himself wears only grey coloured shirts to avoid wasting time for selecting an outfit for office!

    We had uniform on all the days of the week except saturday, when we were allowed to wear civil dress and that really made us look forward to Saturdays.

  • Jeevan

    First education itself isn’t equal and uniform… I really like your perspective but I suggest a common uniform for all school across India where even a poor can afford. Indeed uniform could not do anything rather pointing out their schools, as we lived opposite to an international school I saw people coming in variety of cars and some are luxury and at same I saw student come by walk and cycle. When I see that felt even reaching the school isn’t same for students how come the uniform unites them. I don’t believe there won’t be a talk about the cars they come and the ones come by walk don’t feel discriminate

  • Abishek Ranganathan

    Uniforms i feel are quite unnecessary. Just another western influence. Are there any schools in Chennai which do not have uniforms?

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