How can Alumni help their Schools/Colleges?

I am involved with the alumni association of our school and we are exploring how to meaningfully connect/help our institution so that students/teachers can benefit from the alumni network, and alumni can help each other. Among various points discussed, here are some activities which I thought would be useful. Please add your suggestions in the comment box below. Career counseling & Guidance on selecting college courses could be done for students to guide them on the existing scenario in colleges/job market, entrepreneurship. Sports, Teachers day/Children’s day Competitions could be conducted for students & alumni. Sapling plantation, Donations to orphanages, Cleaning […]

Board Exams for Class 11 in Tamil Nadu – A Good Idea?

The very premise that students will study and teachers will teach only if there is a board exam is RIDICULOUS. Forget the question of whether we need the newly introduced XIth Std board exams inTN. Do we actually need such teachers and students? Here are some good points for and against this decision. If you ask me, we don’t even need an education system which drives students towards mugging up/memorizing the course content, vomit it verbatim, and clear their exam papers in “flying colours”. Until we work on an understanding-based/practical-oriented curriculum right from Class I and stop the scramble to […]

Are School Uniforms Necessary? NO.

While our schools get away with strict policies on student’s dress codes/clothing with almost no one questioning them, I feel that we can do away with school uniforms. In this article, I have written why I feel school uniforms are unnecessary. Let’s look at reasons why people seem to want school uniforms. School uniform encourages equality and prevents discrimination.  This is plain wishful thinking. Let’s admit that there is inequality at every step of our lives and we can’t do much about it. If not with uniforms, there are thousand other reasons to discriminate and people often amuse themselves by […]