Why does a Rajnikanth’s Movie (Kaala) Need Ads?

I don’t understand why a Rajnikanth movie – Kaala or anything else for that matter, need any marketing/ads?

Doesn’t everyone in Tamil Nadu or every Tamil-speaking person in the world know about the movie release already?

Creative marketing efforts like Twitter launching an emoji that appears when you type #KaalaΒ are interesting.

But I wonder why this movie needs ads on TV/Net?

Maybe the creators could have done something about the actual issue: Improving the availability of tickets during the first few days of the movie release. Rajni may have tried, but his efforts don’t seem to be sufficient πŸ˜‰

Destination Infinity

PS: I am in no hurry to watch this movie now. Maybe I’ll see it after a couple of weeks, if the movie gets positive reviews from a few of my “tough critic-minded” Facebook friends who don’t give in easily to hype πŸ™‚ Are you gonna watch it anytime soon?

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10 thoughts on “Why does a Rajnikanth’s Movie (Kaala) Need Ads?

  1. Why they still advertise for Coca Cola? The whole world knows and crazy about Coca Cola. It is to retain their existing customers by constantly placing the product in their sub conscious mind. It is for the same reason they advertise for the Rajnikanth’s movies.

    1. I have the same comment to make as Rajan has made here. Ads not only inform people about a product or service, but also reinforce positive attributes about the product or service among their loyal users. If I am not wrong, in marketing it is called brand reinforcement or reinforcement advertising.

    2. I wonder how many people who did not intend to buy these products buy them after seeing ads… must by substantial, that’s why they are doing it maybe…

      Destination Infinity

  2. OMG…. i am waiting to watch that movie…. but want to go watch it when the craziness goes down a bit…. whistle Thalaivar…Whistle…..More ads for the movie….. is better better best…….by now you know i am a Rajni Fan.

    1. I am reading many positive reviews about the movie on Facebook, so u might want to go and see it soon πŸ™‚ But i think i will wait for a couple of weeks at least…

      Destination Infinity

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