One Self-Help Book that made me STOP reading all others

I was tagged by Ashwini (on Facebook) to name seven best books for seven days. I won’t do that.

I’ll name just one self-help book that made me stop reading self-help books altogether. Because no other book is ever required. If you feel short of inspiration, just read this book all over again. Simple.

*Steve Jobs* by *Walter Isaacson* is that book.

No, this is not just a biography. It is a lesson on obsession with quality.

It’s about one man’s obsession to give the best products/services that neither the consumers nor the competition would even think of.

The book shows in great detail on how Jobs would obsess about (especially) the smallest things that go into the making of any i-product.

He would even obsess on how well the electronic components that go *inside* his devices should be arranged – something that no consumer is ever going to see! You can now imagine the lengths to which he would go for the *critical* aspects.

You see Jobs as a great presenter. But if you read the book, you’ll get an idea of all the sweat, toil, and grit that resulted in those great presentations.

The fact that Steve Jobs trusted this particular journalist for this job speaks volumes about the author.

Sad that Steve didn’t want to read his bio that was almost ready before his death.

Had he read, he would have been proud of the no-nonsense portrayal of the great man and his flaws.

Especially his flaws.

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