Photos – Miniature models of few World Wonders among others taken in Race Course road, Coimbatore

Well someone told me that there were miniature models of the wonders of the world around the walkers lane in the Race Course Road, Coimbatore. So, I enthusiastically set out to take photos of them. But I was not able to find all of them (including our very own Taj Mahal! – probably they shifted it to that exhibition 🙂 ) – but there were other interesting shots to take around that place. The photos are below – Enjoy 🙂

V.O.C Zoo and Park in Coimbatore

As you would have noticed, I have been moving around Coimbatore quite a bit during the weekends, and have more plans to visit nearby tourist destinations too very soon as I have some time in my hands now, thankfully! This post is to present some photos taken at the VOC Zoological Park in Coimbatore which is right in the heart of the city – perhaps a 20 minute walk from the main bus terminus in Gandhipuram would take you there. The Nehru Stadium is right opposite to this park.

Coimbatore through the eyes of a Blogger

Ok, the last photo was taken in Chennai when I met the popular blogger Kanagu 🙂 The notice board which is in Tamil reads “In our village, no one is allowed to urinate on the streets and people are not allowed to litter on the streets either. If they do so, there would be a fine of 100 rupees along with imprisonment of three days”. I think every village and city needs to follow this example. I was also reminded of a nice post written on this topic by Sandhya. Yeah people, I have finally managed to move to Coimbatore. […]